To leave or stay…

My one regret in life…

Why did I not think of it seriously?
When I was studying and was told to start planning a career path
From choosing the course, which studies to major in, I thought…

Well, I really don’t know anymore what I was thinking.
I was much too much distracted…
With silly things actually, and also with financial problems.
At that young age, it should not have happened.
But then, in my country back then, like so many other families it was a common thing.

The children are raised helping the parents get by in life.
Only a small percentage of the families were living a comfortable life…
where the children are not burdened with the obligation to help the parents.
Even now, I guess to most families it is still the same.

After working hard. Taking risks and being brave enough to swim
Among the many different kinds of fish, poisonous, prickly and slimy fins.
Swimming among piranhas, sharks, stingrays and whales.
Surviving is the only name of the game.

Regrets?.. well, I don’t have time to mull on it.

Day Four: I must come out of my C-zone!!!

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