Seasonal plans

Springtime should actually bring in good vibes, hope and fresh start. Just like autumn brings in melancholia and downtime after a busy summer. A time to slow down and relax before starting off for the next busy time with the series of Holidays following afterwards.

Seasons changes 4 times in a year. Sometimes it comes early and sometimes it comes late. It could be extreme or just mediocre. I know of somebody who would describe a season as lousy!

I on the other hand cannot be lackadaisical about seasons. I originally come from a country where we have only two types of climate: wet and dry. Wet could come bringing along blasting winds and thunderstorms. Causing flood and chaos. In the middle of it all, or perhaps a bit after the weather has calmed down, the weird way the Filipinos adjusts to the situation, calamity or otherwise has always been very commendable. Helping each other with smile on their faces despite the tragic situation. That is just how it is. The culture is totally different. It might be the same in other parts of the world also, but I cannot vouch for that. I can only truly say I experienced it myself. That is how it is.

Ok, to deviate from the deviation… (funny, there must be a better way of saying that).

Dry season on the other hand, could be so cruel, but still everybody embraces it. The heat, the sweat the tangent smell! Combine that with pollution and the worst is already there.

People go out wandering in the mountains or island hopping. Although it is terribly warm, the grand turquoise beaches and crystal seawater, of the lakes or lagoons make the weather bearable. Some also succumb to the public pools and recreational resorts with several water fun activities. The downside, it could get very expensive. Either you stay at home and risk of having the air-conditioning on all the time. Or you travel out but the expenses could also soar like the temperature. So, it’s up to you how you want to cherish and enjoy or suffer. Main thing is you learn to live with it.

All right.. I admit I got lost in my flow of thoughts again.

Forgive me for being such a neuron-case.

Okay, so, just like spring, dopamine is running excessively in my veins. Just like spring is bringing good vibes, my mind is playing a trick on me. I am fantasizing about how I will spend my retirement days. It is still some years ahead, but I just can’t seem to wait anymore. I am going back!!!

Going back to my roots – yes! I am going back to the Philippines. Not yet for good, but hopefully, a good start to a new project.

After spending more than two decades of my life outside the Philippines, I think I have earned enough stars to finally give in to the urge of home-sickness. When that time comes, I would have lived longer abroad than in my homeland. Who knows how I will fare. The ways, the habits, the mentality and the culture. I mean, of course I am still very much a Filipino. But I can also imagine that people will see me otherwise. Except for my physical features, I do admit that I have also evolved and have gotten used to the European way of life. The European way of accomplishing things. Needless to say, since I am a Filipino through and through, I would definitely readjust again to the Filipino ways. As they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”… but then again, I still can help but wonder how I will manage it. Or how others who knew me before would see me now. Jajaja!!! It should really not matter. I shouldn’t care. I should just live my life as how I want. I guess, I will do just that!

Hold on, my project! My symptoms are showing. Do you notice it? Yes, ADHS is somehow creeping through every sentence I start with. Going back… I need to prepare for a proper retirement.

First off: a new residence. Looking for a second homestead. Preferably outside Manila but not too far out also.

Second, a place enough for two but can also accommodate my visiting family.

Third, something that will not eat up a big part of our retirement savings.

Fourth, somewhere where I can still do my hobbies and where husband can also enjoy his.

Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for success in this endeavor.

Day three: Houses for sale are aplenty… what is for me to find is somehow tricky!

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