A man and a woman

How does a woman enjoy her day off and holiday at home?

Well, it really is simple.

She wakes up early. Washes her face, perform her morning rituals and then proceed to the kitchen.

Empty the dishwater.
Bake a cake.
Tidy up the kitchen.
Work on the ironing.
Prepare coffee and lastly, clear up the clutter in the living room and the dinning table.

Two hours later, Man comes into the room.

Greets woman good morning. Gives her a hug.
Does his morning rituals of brushing his teeth, measuring his weight and drying his bike outfit which was soaked the whole night.
Then he declares: “I will clean the coffee maker”
He places water in the coffee maker water tank, adds the cleaning liquid and then press the “on” button.
Great!!! His day hast started!

And yours?

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