Meta is collecting

I don’t know if any of you noticed, but since I have been home during the last three days, I have had the time to scroll through FB. Well, I thought I could. It turns out that FB Meta is now collecting a monthly fee to use the platform without any adds. One needs to subscribe.

To me the question is just, is it worth it to pay a hefty yearly costs of 119,88€ if you are using a laptop/desktop to access it or 155,88€ if you are using a smart phone? The fees are 9,99€/month or 12,99€/month respectively.

FB was doing fine in the beginning. It helped people connect to long lost family relations, friends, schoolmates, etc. It helps some in their business advertisements. It did good to some. But unfortunately, it also gave crazy ideas to others. Some use it as a means to share their stupidity and vanity, posting their mansions, luxury belongings, cars and their eccentric lifestyle in FB.

I try not to let it affect me. Its their own tick and own cr** to flaunt to the world, but I honestly find it disgustingly annoying.

Going back to the “fees” issue on FB, what to do? The whole world is already addicted to FB. It will definitely earn Zuckerberg a few more digits to his bank accounts. For me, I am sticking to this blog site. Every now and again I guess I will use FB, but I do not need to pay for it. At least for now, NOT yet… and hopefully it will stay that way.

Day seven: How about you? Ready to join in the craziness of some, too?

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