Christmas bakasyon na naman…


I will be celebrating Christmas in the Philippines again. The last time I spent Christmas there was way back in 2010.

The perks of celebrating Christmas in my birthland is.. well.. needless to say important because it will be time spent with my family. Cheaper, because I have my own place there – no need to book for hotels and car rentals. And of course, I know the go-to places during holidays. Or at least I thought so. Until my youngest brother flatly pointed out to me otherwise.

I said to him, I want to go visit Palawan.. he said, nahh.. better to go to Siargao Island.
I said to him, I want to eat at Vikings..he said nah.. that is sooo last decade. There are more better places to eat at nowadays.. no need to go to the malls for that.
I said to him, I want to go shopping at Megamall.. of course he said to me… that’s your problem. I don’t go shopping anymore!! Hahaha. So I said, where do you do that nowadays? He goes, well I have three sisters living outside the Philippines, big brother whom I can rely on for man stuff and daddy stuff and of course my mom in Chicago, so where do you think I go shopping?

ooohh.. I forgot. We do send him whatever he needs and even stuff that he does not need. That of his son Rhyzee as well. Rhyzee is my newest nephew. His name is Rhyzel Kristof, but I call him rhyz, rhyee or rhyzee. And for Ladeedee, well, I try, but honestly, after some years, I still don’t know her preference. She always just smiles when I ask her want she wants. So I guess, she already has everything? 😉

Almost everything else that they need are sent either from the USA or from Europe. The perks of being the youngest brother. Don’t get me wrong. He is not spoiled. In fact, he hardly asks for anything from us. If we ask him what he wants or what he needs, he just just say, “Wala. I’m good”. Save niyo na yan for your trip”… Ganun siya. But we buy him stuff anyways.. kasi baby bro namin siya.

Anyway, so, going back, I wanted to go to a resort for a week. He said he would look into it.

Sofar, the choices:
1. Batangas
2. Quezon Province
3. Cagayan de Oro – Camiguin

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