Monthly Archives: September 2020

Indeed it is …


As sure as tomorrow comes,

As long as the waves roll back in the ocean.

As long as the the wind blows,

And the sun shines.

The rain drops stops,

The green leaves glow and the rainbow will show.

The world will continue to rotate –

And so remains my Faith…

My name is er–rhy, Indeed it is a mystery!

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A book or a dream.

It may be both , it does seem.
But then again, it must have been…just waking up to a dream!

Just a kiss indeed…

Lips warm, dry..

I thought it should be thought wet, but it was not.. it was nice!

I was lukewarm, but the kiss was hot and slowly burning up.

Suddenly, the connection was not dry anymore,

And the body movements I pondered on,

They proved to be a mysterious rhythm, not just norm.

In the end, it was nice.

Romantic, warm and pleasant — it was really nice!

Somehow bruising, but definitely nice!!!

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