First quarter of 2014

Well, this is a nice surprise. I have like 30 minutes to blog. Then I have to prepare for work.
Springtime came early this year. Actually, winter just came to take peek-a-boo and then left immediately.
Wonder what is going on in the world. In mine, well I was in some kind of roller-coaster since the last quarter of 2013. I have experienced the highs, lows, steep drop, slow ride going up, not to mention then the side turns–yeah, all of them in like in one parcel. It all came during the last quarter.

My 2014 started on average or so to say just fine. Had my share already of the usual burden, all nothing to worry about though. Just normal things that has to be done.


First half of January I spent with my sibs in Brussels. Since I didn’t get to celebrate Christmas with them, I traded new year and two weeks more instead. I had fun. I gained weight and my pitaka on the other hand, pumayat…hehehe. But I could spend quality time with my sisters and the kids.



Last month, something came up at work, so my plan to go back to the Philippines this month had to be moved at a later date. Hopefully, after roll out of the new S-Y-S, then I can have a full picture of how the next six months would be like. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed and hope that all will work out well. Because of this, I have a lot of things to do, manual to prepare and of course new S-Y-S to learn. I am excited… sure! But at the same time, also a bit anxious about the new venture. Overall, — UPLIFTED! Thumbs-Up for 2014!!!

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