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Several years ago, I was diagnosed as chronically ill. I had an infection in my liver that the doctors could not really find the cause. I had problems like back pain, muscle pains in my legs and was always tired. Some days, I didn’t have so much energy. My cough made it just worst since I had it for more than six months. If it would stop for a while, it was always sure to come back after some weeks. The leg pain went away after an Acupuncture therapy with my general doctor. Since then, it seems like there is no signs of it coming back again. But the infection in my liver was never cured. I had blood tests every three months. Most of the levels were okay, except for one that was always extremely high. And it stayed that way all the time. Whereas for a normal healthy person, that level should only be at 60-80, mine was always at 260 till 400. Once it even went up to 600 for a few months. My doctor could also not explain it. But, I don’t blame him since even the specialists who looked into my illness case, also said there wasn’t anything wrong with me.

Hepatitis was ruled out. I was definitely checked for it.

In one of my visits to my mother-in-law, where we always showed photos of our recent trips, my sister-in-law showed us their photos when she and her husband joined an alternative medicine doctor on a “Fasting and Wandering” tour. Fasting in the sense, that only liquid is taken for the whole duration of the tour. It can be tea, water or clear soup. The insides has to be cleansed as well. With the help of “Glaubersalz” and or Internal irrigation of the stomach and intestines at the beginning of the fasting period. After three days of the fasting begin, internal cleansing has to be performed again. The whole fasting period could take a week or even more. They have been doing it for sometime, my sister-in-law said, and it has been a lot of help for them. Both in keeping themselves healthy and maintaining their desired weight. She suggested that maybe I should also try it just to find out if it would help cure my so-called “sickness”.

I was not totally convinced at first. But hubby urged me to do it, so we did. Anyway, we thought if it doesn’t work out for me, it was at least an experience, another adventure for us both.

Our first “Fasting and Wandering” tour was in Algarve, Portugal. We flew there and met our guide, an Alternative medicine doctor, Frau Wirth. Later at the resort where we stayed, we met 11 others who have been doing the tours for several years already. There were only three of us who are first timers. The group was diverse. Mostly of course, Germans but almost all are well traveled. I was intimadated at first, but they were all very friendly. Our guide was also very helpful in explaining to us everyday what was in the program.

All the “to-do” stuff was explained in exact details. If we needed help, she was there to assist us. It made us really feel comfortable with the group who knew each other before from the previous travels. Suffice it to say, we survived the whole two weeks without eating anything. Yes, it is a wonder, but definitely possible. What I couldn’t really believe myself, was the fact that I really could walk for hours (even without food intake, except liquids) without complaining. I did it! I lasted and the most beautiful part of it is that I lost weight. I lost more than 8 kilos already…the best part is I maintained my desired weight. No yo-yo effect at all. My food intake routine was changed. I can still eat anything I want during the day. But there are some limitations and restrictions about what to eat in the morning and evenings.

After that tour, we had our second tour with my sister-in-law HP Martina Kienzle-Schott as our guide. She is really good. With her personal experience and of course she learned to be one, we don’t need to go to other HP guides anymore. The last tour we, hubby and I did was spring last year. We tried it just the two of us. Okay, we were calling Martina all the time for some questions about the whole procedure which only a legal Heilpraktiker could answer. But in the end we made it. The next schedule tour is in March. I won’t be able to join but hubby enlisted already.

*keeping it up*

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