Silly thoughts on a warm summer day!

I like my memories… I like the skies… I like the berries and I like the pies!

I love snacks!!!

Well, who doesn’t?

Who doesn’t like that light meal in between or that bag of chips – once ripped, you just can’t leave.

Who doesn’t like that extra sweet slice of cake or sweet delicacy – more like candy actually!

Snacks makes one happy. Snacks make me happy…

Snacks gives comfort. Kids love them like crazy. Adults love them because, well, the child in them can’t seem to resist – perhaps because they bring back cherished memories???

So, yes. I like snacks…I love snacks. I love chips, cookies and biscuits. I also love fruit snacks. Dried, fresh, baked, or fried.. I love them all!

Snacks gives me satisfaction. I thread through memory lane whenever i open a bag of chips… or munch on candies. It takes  me back to my childhood and my memories live!!!

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