Excuse the flaming… this is the epistle of myself and I.

It’s been a long time that I have given up on trying to please others. I have decided never to waste my time and effort to those who do not appreciate me. I choose now to share my life only with those who deserve me, my time and my effort. My love I will gladly give you. My trust and loyalty is true only if you do deserve them. Otherwise, I let go!!!

If you don’t like me, for whatever reasons you may have conjured up in your tiny thank then that is fine. I will not enforce myself upon you also. Do not expect me to try and please you because I definitely will not do so. I will accept your opinion as it is. But I will not waste my precious time on you.

I will not explain and justify my actions to you who only give malice to others. I think we are already old enough not to play dumb and dumber s*** to each other. 

I have much better things to do than just kiss their sorry a***.

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