LP Challenge: MALAMBOT

Clouds… a wide spread of softness in the sky. If snow has been a wonder for me since I arrived  Europe 15 years ago, clouds has amazed me all my life.

I remember way back when I was just a child, I used to play this game with my sibs… where we would stand very still under the full moonlight and then look up to the sky and try to read the images that we see from the formation of the clouds. Try it, it really is great!

One would see an animal; a lion perhaps or dragon. Sometimes one can picture a flower, a face…yes, the face of Jesus sometimes. I am not saying that we where seeing a holy vision. Call it the crazy imagination of a child, pure and without malice or vested interests. The face would just come out.

The last time I did this kind of thing was way back in 1998, in Brussels. One night, hubby, and I we were enjoying a bottle of our favorite white wine out in our garden. I told him the story of what I used to do as a child, doing cloud reading. I encouraged him to do it. He did, but declared he wasn’t seeing anything. He even said, maybe it was the effect of the wine on my head, typical! (hehehe).

Anyway, I don’t get to do that anymore. But each time I get on an airplane, I always prefer to sit by the window so that I could at least enjoy staring at the clouds. Oh, and yes, I still do wonder if it is indeed possible to sit on the clouds like the angels in those storybooks that I read as a child.

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