Reads after Fifty and Crossfire series…

I spent my day off with nothing on but my bathrobe and everywhere I went in the house, i had my tablet one one hand and a cup of coffee on the other.

No, i was not chatting or video viewing some late Filipino soap operas on you tube …although even that, i have not done for quite sometime either.

I was actually, catching up on my reading! While I started reading with the companion of a good mug or two of brewed coffee…I moved on to a good choice of Wine with my reads.

Nope, I ‘m not reading really deep, mind bogging books…. instead, because it is St. Valentine’s weekend…I buried myself in reading romance novels with really hot scenes…

Oh, not NR or DS or the good ol’ Harlequin or Mills! böa… I bet nobody remembers those anymore. I used to read those, I call them “Emilyo Bukog” series.

Well, it is  a different era now.

I started with ELJ – the 4th run of the series since I have read the first three like a dozen times already, **wink**.

Now I’m into SD’s Crossfire series… and well, right after I plan to start on the “Billionaire’s Obsessions” series. Yikessss…

Yeah, it is some kind of book marathon. I started last night since I came home from work at around 22 hundred hours… I knew I didn’t have any other appointment for today, which is strange it being a Monday and all…. so i indulged myself to being lazy Susy today.. THE WHOLE effing DAY!!!

And no, I don’t intend to write anything about what I read…

I won’t be caught explaining about BOB’s and BDSM here.

One thing for sure, after ELJ’s 50 and SD’s crossfire series, I need to find the time to look for the rest of the books featured in here.

I guess my MC would go crazy with my book expenditures again, which I expect will be happening soon… if not immediately after finishing this entry,

öch neeee!!!  😈  😆 🙄  😯


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