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Excuse my flaming…

There is really no way I can say this nicely. It cannot be painted with sweet niceties. It is just so grossly real. It is morbidly real. It is the new normal. The corona pandemic  is definitely not an illusion. It is reality!!! It is tragically happening and alarmingly spreading around the globe. The USA being the far most greatly affected. Their death toll is rising everyday. Their infection rate is double if not more than the total infections around the globe. AGAIN, It is for real!!! Those who really believe otherwise, think again. But, I beg you to stay healthy and not get infected.

What is so surreal is the fact that there really are people who believe otherwise. There are thousands, (i hope not more in number) who do not believe the corona pandemic is happening. I still cannot fathom that a longtime family friend is one among the thousands that I mentioned. He thinks everything about corona is a farse. A bad political propaganda. He believes that ordering the people to stay at home means taking away his freedom. He think that if he will be infected with the virus, then so be it. Fine… I get it. You can say: “it is your destiny, call it fate if you will.”

But what about the others who could get infected by you? Won’t you feel the guilt that you are responsible for their illness? That you caused them pain? What about the people in the medical field, who are working so hard to help heal those who got infected? They who have to sacrifice themselves and their families from getting infected because of your inverted belief? They work day and night for many hours and in doing so, risking their own lives… just because you don’t want to stay home. They sacrifice themselves, not being with their family, not being with their children, just because you think you want to keep your freedom. 

I know that there are thousands of people around the globe who also believe that the Corona virus is NOT real. Those who claim that the pandemic is only a political propaganda, I’d say drop d**d. Honestly, I don’t know how you would react if you get infected with the virus yourself. Those who think that the virus is just a normal influenza, try drinking tea as remedy. Try taking colds medicine, Or you think a hot footbath will be enough to cure you…go ahead and see if it works. See if it really would work. Now, promise though, that after taking the normal or usual way of curing oneself from the regular influenza and colds and you are still not virus free, that you would then stop this blabla about everything else just being a propaganda! That is of course, if you survive from the virus. 

It really is very simple. You, as a family member, a friend, a relative a colleaugue, can make a sacrifice of following the rules and take responsibility. You as a Christian, a believer in Christ, must somehow feel responsible for your co-citizen, your neighbors and co-workers. YOu can help by doing the necessary easues to break the infection chain. The sooner we start on it collectively, the faster we can get out of this pandemic. 

If it still does not convince you otherwise, then you must be sick in the head! But you can’t put the blame on the corona virus for this anymore! You can take responsibility for your own sick mentality. 

To the rest who are sane enough to comprehend what is happening, let us help each other. We can prevent getting infected or passing on the infection to our family members, relatives, friends and work colleagues by taking extra precautions. By following the rules. By maintaining distance from other people. By using the medical face mask whenever one is out in public. And by regularly washing or disinfecting the hands rigorously. And best is, if possible, to just stay at home. No unnecessary trips. No big gatherings. Only when we make these sacrifices can we help solve the problem of the virus spreading exponentially. Soon, this will be over. There is hope. There is help. There is still light at the end of the tunnel. Especially, now that the vaccine against it has been discovered. Soon, it will be easier to fight it. prevent it from spreading and eventually, we can all go back our usual routine. Before the covid times. The long-long ago times of normal living. 

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Coffee anyone?

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Does anybody know how important the expiration date for a coffee disc is? Yeah, I know.. I should just google it. To which I did.
According to uncle “Google”:
“A coffee pod will remain fine to drink for years after the ‘best before’ date, which is there to indicate a period of optimal freshness. However, if you have coffee pods where the foil has dipped or collapsed into the capsule, then air may have gotten in and the pod may not be suitable for use…”

And according to: Coffee Perfectionist
“The ‘best before’ date is usually around 1 year from the date it was created. Coffee capsules are hermetically sealed to protect the coffee from light, oxygen and moisture. A coffee pod will remain fine to drink for years after the ‘best before’ date, which is there to indicate a period of optimal freshness.”

Seems like, it is still safe to use up the discs that are still left lying around in our office coffee nook. Since the lockdown, I have been the only one visiting the office regularly. Everybody else has been ordered to stay at home. I do drink coffee but not as often as the other colleagues. I normally switch from coffee to tea every now and then. Hence, 3 extra packs of coffe discs are still waiting to be used up. Problem is: lockdown has been extended. So, those discs are just waiting to be popped. 

I am relying on the info I got that they will not go bad for another year. Hopefully this lockdown will not last that long anymore.

Yes, I wish that the pandemic is not my present, like everybody else. I live to hope that nothing much has changed. I live to hope that all those who suffered and perished from the pandemic are still with us in the present and did not feel any pain at all. I will stay hopeful and maintain that what I believe in is true, will stay true and so it shall be. Am I going insane? Can it be that, I am now a certified schizophreniac? I tell you, it may also be one of the effects of the virus.

These thoughts run around in circles in my head each and everyday for the last 9 months. I am still good… just like the expiring coffee discs, I will be okay. I will stay well and keep myself healthy… so as to keep others healthy as well. 

Ya’all…. Take care every one!! Let’s hang in there. Vaccination has rolled out in the whole wide world. The virus will be defeated soon!

Have a happy weekend 🙂 🙂 

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Looking back…

What a year 2020 has been! Honestly, I wanted to start with an excerp of the song:  “…so now i’m leaving yesterday behind….” But is it really posible? To just leave yesterday behind? To forget everything that happened and just start with the new norms?

January 2020 started with natural calamities in some parts of the world. Typhoons, floods, and volcanic eruptions are just some. We should also not forget the political problems in some countries that also caused pain, suffering, and hunger for normal citizens. Then COVID.

Of course, I’m sure the radicals that do not seem to believe and do not want to accept that these horrible stories are going around are rolling their eyes, hmmm.

By March 2020, the economy in 5 Continents has partly gone down. Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe and Oceania. Companies closed down together with the lockdown that most governments had to implement in their almost futile effort to try and stop the pandemic spread.

Alas! Too late. But then again, better than not to have acted at all, right?

The lockdown for the whole world came. Country ports were closed, no entrry allowed, except for their own citizens who wanted to be home with their families.  International and some local travels were also prohibited. Tourism and Business travels were banned. Each one was encouraged to stay in or stay out. Children stayed at home and had to do homeschooling, digital or per module. Parents had to work from home as well as were forced to teach their own child/children. Front liners who are working in the medical field and homecare for the elderly were overworked. Hospitals and clinics were had to take necessary measures as to avoid the infection chain. Unfortunately, some hospitals even had to deny admittance for lack of hospital beds and amenities. Special COVID-19 infection rooms were set up. Testing centers were designated.

Summer season came and went, and another fear came in. Winter season was coming. Studies found that the virus thrives more in the cold season than in the heat. Illogically, some citizens in the tropical region thought they were at a better position. But of course, they were once again proven wrong. People were still divided. Some believed and followed the new rules. Others went out and complained about losing their freedom and that it was all just political propaganda. 

Realization: It seemed like time stopped and all we could hear every day are reports about how bad the pandemic has spread. About how pain, suffering, hunger, and sadness roamed in the whole world. Hundreds of thousands if not millions, lost their jobs, lost their houses, and lost a loved one, a friend, or a colleague because of the virus. The corona super-virus has already spread like a wildfire. 

The people suffered and endured, crawled through the hard times until the end of the year. New HOPE came when the news about the invention of the vaccine was announced. Suddenly, it was almost the only thing that everyone was looking forward to. It gave a newfound strength to fight. It made us look forward more eagerly towards the year change with a better more breathable and workable  and improved environment. 

By December of 2020, the first vaccination against the corona virus started. First off  the government of the UK announced that they would start with the vaccination per category before Christmas 2020.  Then US followed and few days after Christmas, vaccination in Europe carefully was also implemented. In all  the countries, a protocol was followed. Vaccination started in categories. The sick, the front liners, the seniors, and so on… Children were exempted as through the months of studies, it was found out that children have a stronger immune system and did not easily get infected with the virus. Although, in some parts of the world, there were still reports of some minimal cases of covid-19 infection in children. 

The new year slowly and quietly crept through…with it the hope of a new healthy world. But then a stronger mutation of the virus was announced. It seemed like Covid-19 did not want to give up its power over the world. 

Up until now (as of writing), as per the Johns Hopkins University statistics, global infections have reached almost 85 million. The total deaths hiked up to 1,8 million around the globe. Some countries suffered more but not one was spared. In every continent, the infection was rampant. 

On a positive note, I think my new motto for the year 2021 is being more aware of Hygiene, wearing masks, and social distancing. Even with the vaccine and perhaps someday the medication, I hope that the people will still be more observant and proactive in keeping themselves safe and healthy. 

Fast forward to 2021, Happy new Year everyone!!!

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive. This will all come to end.

Soon, everything will be back to the usual… or we start with the new normal. 

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Pandesal experience

Have been passing my time locked up in the kitchen during the last weeks-well, what to do?

At the moment, can’t really do much. City is locked down, not allowed to visit and of worst–was not allowed to do my favorite past time and socialization activity…my work! Hahaha… No colleague of mine believes it when I say that I come to work so that I have a so called-social life.

Right, it is most probably unbelievable, but that is how my hubby calls my work.

I’m lucky that I am enjoying so much blessings, that’s why, I am always thankful to the Lord for a beautiful life.

Anyways, I digress….

So, I have tried new recipes including homemade pizza and…. PANDESAL!

Yes, I finally managed to try baking it myself.

Proof? hmmm…

The thought just came to me.

Have you ever had a person whom you deem special and you value too much, only to find out that, that very same person just takes you for a pushover??? I just realized, the group of friends that I have valued for so many years… that I deemed special to me, for so more than a decade, I accepted the so-called “friendship” that was offered me only to find out that it was all just a farce.

How to avoid these kind of people???

I’m thinking show passive response. It does not make sense at all trying to confront the person since, the think tank of that person is similar to that of a cockroach! (Sorry for flaming out like this)!

Well, needless to say, I don’t have to worry too much about that person. Someday, I hope i can really forgive that person… and eventually forget how I was wronged.

Unfortunately, scars hardly ever goes away.

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