… am i sitting in front of my PC vegetating today? ON a WORK day?
—The doctor said i should relax. Not think of anything. Not do any heavy lifting. No stressing myself out. Just R E L A X!!!

Why am I at home?

… instead of working my ar*** out at the Airport?
— because I have been sick for a while. Okay, it started with a normal flu. The first two days, i thought, “hmmm, I’ve had this before. I just didn’t mind it and continued going to work. It went away after a while. So, this time, i thought okay, It’s just a Flu. I can still go to work. No worries.”
But then, I started making mistakes at work for lack of concentration. (Yeah, I know what your thinking: “blame it on the illness!!!”)When one works with documents involving money, one needs full concentration and focus. But when one is sick, full concentration and focus cannot be achieved, hence the risk of making mistakes ending in discrepancies, be it large or small amounts is very high!

Why only now?

… did I decide only now to update this blog?
— I called in sick since Friday, Feb 20, 2015. I was literally just lying in bed or on the sofa(depended on the time of day or night) the whole time. I got served hand and foot by hubby. I only got up to go to the loo. I had foot spa, hot bath and then was just lying back in bed right after this sessions.
10984996_10204494958708815_3796859085299608657_nI did steam with camomile and then the next day with eucalyptus…
In short I tried all sorts of home remedies to get better ASAP. The fever went, the coughing stopped, the clogged nose got better. Well, I could already breath again without difficulties.
What stayed was the headache. It was so strong that by Monday, even the slightest movement was already insufferable. Add to the pain, the feeling of going to vomit was there all the time. And the stomach pain was so bad, every time i ate something in order to be able to take medication, i also had to endure the stomach pains. I did not go anywhere Monday. I couldn’t! I didn’t even dare to go back to the doctor.

Why only Tuesday?
… I went back Tuesday to the doctor. I had to because the following day I am suppose to go to back to work already, but I was not fit yet.
— Good thing I did go back to my doctor. Yesterday, Tuesday, the 24th of February-I was out of the house before noontime and came back home only early evening.
I was at the doctor. I got checked for all possible sickness as to the cause of the headache and stomach pains and vomiting feeling. It was around 2pm I was diagnosed of having HBP. I had 180/110.  The doctor’s and my eyes were like literally bulging in surprise. About two or three hours later it went down to 160/99.  He finally decided I was definitely staying home for the next week at least. Gave me medicine and prescribed something that I should take twice a day: one in the morning and again in the evening. On top, I had to measure my BP also twice a day: Morning and at night.

Why this kind?
… My parents have been diagnosed of HBP. Both are taking medications to maintain BP levels to normal.
— I guess it goes without saying that I may have inherited the sickness as well.

Why I really should not take it for granted?
… Because of statistics.
— stats may just be numbers to some. But base on these numbers and figures, the risk is too high that a vein or blood vessel may just pop out of the blue. And then? NO. I don’t even want to go into that. I refuse to even think it could end up like that.


Don’t get me wrong. It’s not only because of the genes that’s why I have the sickness. Other factors like Stress, anxiety, personal problems/dilemma can be the causes of HBP. As well as smoking, alcohol intake, wrong diet.

I do have stress at work. But this is no reason for me to just call in sick.  I don’t’ want be unfair to my other colleagues. I do know for a fact that If don’t come to work, they would have to share the bulk of covering for my shifts. There is a way to still be happy with work even after all the office politics and stress.

I am sorry!

Sorry that I can’t come to work. Sorry that I have this sickness.

Taking into consideration that both parents have it, I knew that there is a big chance that I have it also.

I just didn’t expect for it to show up now. I still think I am too young to have this… hey, i’m just thirty-ish— for X’s sake!..(hahaha)

I guess i can only blame this at the moment on bad Genes— *wink*

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