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Vanity or Mid life crisis

Until the other day, I hadn’t realized that I am now in what they call “Midlife-crisis” state. I constantly think about my age, the upcoming round birthday. I am easily agitated if I can’t find the right clothes to wear. Hell, aside form my uniform, i don’t even know what I should wear if the need to go out of the houses arises. Should I go for mature Women’s attire which is probably more appropriate for my age or should i go for sneakers and tight sexy tops to try and gain the effect of looking younger? I have questions bugging me like:

1. If somebody would describe me passing by, would they say an older woman of about 45-50 passed by? Or would they say, a lady, say in her mid twenties to early thirties walked by?

2. Do I have wrinkles showing on my face?

3. Do I still walk with the quick hop attitude of a young person or do I slowly and cautiously walk like an elderly?

4. Do I still look sexy and fresh?

5. Or do I rather look old and tired and sickly?

6. Should I perhaps start using facial and hand creams that says “Anti-Aging” on them or stick to my good old trusted brand cream?

7. Should I start asking my Gynecologist about hormone pills?

Silly things, yes to some, but I’m sure a lot of Women go through this stage. Thank goodness, my body temperature is not making me crazy yet. This means at least that I am not yet going through menopausal stage… i think, but hhmmmmm… :straight: ­čÖä

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Disneyland Paris

With a sizzling 30 degrees temperature, we had a wonderful day at Disneyland Paris last week. Our entourage left in two cars at 06:30 and arrive Paris at around 10:00 after two stopovers. We were lucky there was no traffic jams along the way. We had a smooth drive from Brussels all the way to France.

Tickets were booked in advance so, we could just go through the entrance without staying in the very long cue for tickets. Once inside, we all scattered like a herd sheep running for the greener part of the meadow. Not before we arranged a time and place to meet later. First stop Fantasy Island, where Trish got freaked out by the dolls in the “Small World” ride. I loved it though! Later during the afternoon, Trish started feeling unwell. Had to rest for a while to give her medicine. Later though, the patient claimed she got sick for like six minutes only, hehehe. Once she started sweating, we just continued where we stopped to rest. We roamed around the area until almost midnight. Then we drove to the hotel where we would be spending the night. All in all, it was a really fun sunny day in Disneyland.

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Cable car

Piraso (Part of)

Hello everyone… here’s my LP challenge weekly entry:

Cable car

It’s the end part of the cable car that my friends and I took in San Francisco June last year. I caught it just when it was turned around getting prepared for the next batch of tourists… yep, our group!

Happy weekend to all!

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It’s here!

It arrived this morning exactly as hubby texted me. Of course, the UPS guy rang the bell just at the exact moment when I was sitting on my throne! I had to hurry down to sign the receipt stinking… eeeeewwwwww!
But who cares?! I’m not gonna be seeing that guy again anytime soon anyway…. unless hubby gets hooked up in ordering stuff online all the time! hehehe.
And of course, typical me… I couldn’t keep my hands of it.

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“Am I in heaven? Coz you’re an angel” … cheesy pick up lines anyone?

I still have 20 minutes left, then I should be out of the door. Have to be at work by 14:15 today. Last day in my four day schedule and then off two days, yeeepeyyy! So, I thought I could still hang around online for a bit. I was bloghopping when I found these cheesy Tagalog pick up lines from  Halo-Halong Pinoy:

You’re so hot you must be the reason for global warming.

Sorry miss but I have to arrest you. you’re guilty for stealing my heart.

Excuse me! I’m lost, can you tell me how can i get into your heart?

I’ll give you a scholarship. Just learn to love me.

You’re like an oxygen, coz I can’t breathe without you.

Am I in heaven? Coz you’re an angel…

Can i take your picture? coz i want to show Santa exactly what i want for christmas!

Do you have a driver license coz you drive me crazy!

Did it hurt when u fell from heaven?

I’m a bee, can you be my honey?

Hey, did you fart? coz you blew me away!

If i’m a letter of the alphabet, I want to be letter T coz its always beside U!

Are you a False Teeth? coz I can’t smile without you!

Excuse me, Are you a dictionary? Coz you give meaning to my life…

Are you a keyboard? coz you’re my type.

If you’re a shit? I wanna be a malfunctioned toilet bowl, so we can be together forever.

Are you an electric fan? coz you keep on spinning on my mind.

I’m looking for my wife, will you marry me?

Was your Father a mechanic? Then how did you get such a finely tuned body?

Great legs, what time do they open?

If you hold 11 roses in front of a mirror, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.

click here for more.

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Thank you, but….

Text message from hubby (who is currently out of the country):
“Hello my love, I ordered a new high performance PC for you in the HP webshop. It should arrive in 2 days.”

(Me thinking: “Huh???, what do I need it for? I have my already a Netbook, my old Laptop and we still have three extra laptops at home on top.”)

My reply:
“Yeheyyy, thank you ML. I’m excited already…” :laugh:

I do believe that one should just trust one’s partner. He/She knows for sure what he is doing. If he/she thinks I need a new one then I’m happy for the gift. But, perhaps I need a camera instead? Preferably one of the two that I really, really want to have at the moment? :straight:

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August 23, 2011

August. Half of 2011 is gone. Where did it go? It seems like just yesterday I was still rejoicing for the new year… planning on a lot of new beginnings that came with 2011. Okay, I must admit the year did not go so bad, so far!

Slowly integrated myself into the new company that I joined. Learned their terms and ways… how the system works, etc. I still mistakes, hey, I’m just human… but overall I do believe that I am doing well there.

I could also start and finish the projects that I planned. At least most of it has been accomplished. There are still some loose ends that needs to be finalized, but basically I’m still on schedule. I’m being vague here I know, but I can’t really discuss it here openly.

Met new friends, kept old ones, some though I had to let go… but it’s probably for the better. After all, one can only please oneself. I do believe a person cannot serve two masters at the same time. I do cherish the lessons I learned from those people who I came in contact with but had to let go. I appreciate the good and the bad things that came with the so-called “friendship” that was offered.

On another light, my point and shoot camera died on me just last month. I thought I could still get it fixed, but when I saw the receipt of the cam, I noticed that the guarantee expired last year. Plus, as I bought it when it was on sale, I can imagine that the repair costs would probably be almost the same as buying a new point and shoot camera. So I decided to get a new one instead. But this time, I must insist I do want a more high-tech one. So, that’s another project for me. So far, I have my heart set on two cams. The thing is I want to use the camera not just as a camera but also as a video recorder/camcorder. Like hitting two birds with one stone, right?

So I checked out online what other options I have. A LOT!!! I found like tons of them, hehehe. But I have my heart set on these two:

Canon EOS 600D

The thing is, both items costs three times my budget, ha ha ha! Tja, Anyway, I still have like till the end of November to decide and save. I am considering this project as a birthday and Christmas gift for myself. I guess, that should be fair enough, he he he.

Nikon D5100

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Koln with Trish and Ate Duds

By end of July, another niece, Trish arrived via CO 50 from New York-Newark. Since I couldn’t time off immediately, Duday and Trish had to stay for awhile longer here in Germany. They went out with hubby to Palmengarten, Saalburg before I finally drove with them to Brussels. On the way, we stopped by in K├Âln to see the K├Âlner Dom.

The night before we would be driving to Brussels, I got home really late from work. The minute I walked into the main door, Trish was already out from the other room to tell me she couldn’t sleep. So I slowly put my stuff down, I told her I would get her a glass of milk to help her sleep. I told her we should not be too noisy since we didn’t want to wake ate Duds up… to which sh e replied: “Oh, she’s awake, too”.

Hahaha, both girls couldn’t sleep being too excited for the drive the following morning.

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