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Salamin sa Mata

LP Challenge for the week: Anteojos, specs, eyeglasses…salamin sa mata. I am attracted to slim, elongated eye glasses. Shades for the sun, or prescription ones for the eyes. My very first shade against the sun was one half frame Ray-Ban … Continue reading

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It would have been my baby…

Lately I have been tired all the time. I wondered why this was happening to me again. I was like this before, that was 4 years ago, before I started with Fasting and Wandering and before I changed my eating … Continue reading

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Daylight saving or chaotic living?

Woke up at around 06:09 a.m. today with pain in my abdomen. Got up, went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I got there, I noticed hubby’s huge wall clock and saw the time again. 07:09…huh??? … Continue reading

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The waiting game

Hospitals, i don’t really like them so much. Looking at the hospital buildings from the outside, I already get an eerie feeling. Most of the time, they look like boxes anyway, cold and boring. The inside of the building is … Continue reading

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Ang LP challenge para sa Linggong ito ay Itim. Bakit ang anino itim? Bakit hindi siya puti o kaya ay makulay tulad ng dilaw, orange o kaya berde? Ito ba ang nagpapahiwatig nang itim na budhi ng tao? Pilit man … Continue reading

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