Back in the saddle again

Well, I decided to take time off from social networking for some months, weeks, days, ehem– hours :mrgreen: .

I found out that my blog has been hibernating for several months now and yet my friendly service provider has been busy! 😉

So, what’s up?

Fast approaching is the Holiday Season again– Christmas, New Year… Same Routine. Different Figures!

I’ll be working through the Christmas Holidays but I’ll be Off from the 30th of December till the 2nd of January. I did request for a couple of days vacation. From the 3rd of January till the 12th. If it can be arranged, I’ll be welcoming the 2014 with my family in Brussels, Belgium. Hopefully all will go as planned!

So, I was absent from blogging for a while… reasons?

Well, first I was busy at work. I started on something that went quiet well in the beginning but…but now I am not that sure anymore. It looks like I would have to find something better to do than just do what I have been doing for the last 8 months or so. I still don’t know what though—hehehe!

Okay… maybe I just need a much deserved break?!

I was also busy trying to maintain my optimal weight…. ahemmm… yes, I am vain – sometimes? Okay-okay! I admit.. I am really always Vain!!! So???

P1050375Before I started Fasting on a regular basis, my weight was playing around 68-70. It depends how many times I had rice in a week! Imagine a petite Filipina, 1,53 cm height and weighing 70-yish!?!

Well, suffice it to say, I had to do a complete turn around regarding my eating habit. Low carb, no sweets, more fruits and black coffee! It worked of course. I now weigh 12 kilos less than I weighed several years back. Now the next difficult part is to maintain this desired weight. Yes, it is difficult! harharhar!!! Mas mabuti pang mag review for an exam or do an essay on the complete LotR Trilogy kaysa mag maintain ng timbang… heeeeelp me!!!

IMG_0121bNow, this is what I eat:

Breakfast:   2-3 pcs. of toast or 2-3 slices of cake with a cup of black coffee or tea

Lunch:         I’m actually allowed to eat everything:  from rice, pasta, pizza

Dinner:        Vegetables with less carb of course- no potato, no rice no pasta, less leafy salad

But still, there are some days when I really can’t stop myself from eating carb at night as well. On times when I get invited for dinner or when I’m about to have my monthly thingy!… Then I splurge – and that’s when it get’s critical.

Luckily, after 5 years – I still manage to maintain my weight at around 50-yish or so. My dream weight is actually 54 KG. I reached it after I did my very fist “fasting regime”. Now I’m 2kg more sometimes 3kg. But who knows how I will look and weigh again after the Holidays…or when I come back from Brussels. I sure hope I won’t gain the 12 kgs back!

I’m Learning and letting go…

Some days are just as good as any other.

My day yesterday definitely does not belong to “my best days list”. It’s a dog eat dog world out there…I am still salving my wounds till now. I do know one thing. I refuse to be used and abused!!! – **bleeding**hurting**surviving**

IMG_8737On a lighter shade of gray: Last night, I attended a prayer meeting for a very good friend who passed away a couple of days ago. We were saddened that our very old friend died.  But we are also really impressed that till the end, to her last breath, “Swithart” still didn’t want to burden anybody else…neither her kids nor her relatives and friends. Everything was set and prepared for already. Her family just needed to contact the funeral parlor and that was it. No more hustle and discussions. Typical of her. Swithart left behind 11 kids, perhaps a couple of dozens of grandchildren. Now she is at rest at the age of 78. I think I wrote something about her here in my blog some years ago. I salute her. Everything she went through for her to be able to raise 11 children on her own. She never stopped loving, dancing, eating, laughing and simply enjoying her life. No worries, no dull moments. And that is from a person who could hardly read nor write. I sooo miss you “Swithart”. Wherever your soul maybe, I know that your are happy.

You embraced your life in our world…now Go and Cherish YOUR Peace with our Lord!

We had a good time reminiscing about “Swithart”…our time with her together going to places, eating at home, giving each other advices, support and massages! 🙂 It was a time of grieving but also a time of Thanksgiving. Among the group present for the Prayer meeting, only the three of us who came, knew and lived with “Swithart” before. The others were mostly friends of the daughter of “Swithart”.

On the way home with two other friends, we walked pass the Famous Frankfurter “Alte Oper”. Not one of us had a camera so we had to make do with our phone cams…the photo result is not so good, but the memory will stay with us… hehehe.

20131206_203338 (2) 20131206_203742 20131206_203332





We are there somewhere in the picture… we just can’t see ourselves—hahaha!!!



Ang danyos ng Bagyo…

Sa relasyon, palaging may dalawang daan. Dalawang kalye, dalawang opinion. Dalawang idea na pwedeng mag tugma o di naman kaya ay palaging salungat sa isa’t-isa. Dalawang tao na may sariling pag iisip at may kanya-kanyang opinyon at panata.

Hanggang ngayon bumabagabag sa isip ko ang katanungang ito: “Isa nga bang malaking misteryo kung paano nagtatagal magsama ang dalawang tao?”

Kasi kung ako ang tatanungin niyo, sa totoo lang ay hindi ko din alam. Wala akong ginamit na formula, wala akong sinunod na batas o patakaran. Basta ang sinunod ko lang ang aking isip at damdamin. Kung ano ang pakiramdam ko at sa pag iisip ko ay tama, okay na yun. Go and fight na ako sa ano-mang dumating sa buhay naming mag-asawa. Ang pag uunawa at pag tanggap sa kasama mo sa buhay ay buong puso na ginagawa. Dapat tanggap mo siya at ang buong pagka-tao niya. Kasama na sa kabaitan at mapag-mahal na katangian, ang kalokohan at talangka niya sa utak.

Madami ako niyan… kalokohan at talangka sa utak. At mukhang tanggap din naman ito ng asawa ko. Pinag aawayan namin pero sa bandang huli nag kaka-ayos din kami. Huwag niyo nalang maitanong kung ano ang nangyari sa talangko ko sa utak, hahaha.

Basta ang alam ko, sa pag katapos ng dagsa ng salita at mala bagyong buhos ng emosyon, okay na ulit. Tahimik na ulit ang paligid at buhay. Importante, mapag usapan at mailabas ang masamang hangin na nag lalaro sa isip nilang mag-asawa.

Ang mahirap lang nga, hindi lahat ng mag asawa naka-kayanang lagpasan ang isang “Bagyong Andoy” sa buhay nila. Madalas, hindi na naibabalik ang kanilang respeto at pagmamahal sa isa’t-isa sa pag tila ng ulan at pag-tigil ng buga ng malakas na hangin sa buhay nila bilang mag asawa. Nakaka lungkot na nauuwi sa hiwalayan ang isang simpleng di pagkaka-unawaan nila.

Ngunit sabi nga din na Tita ko, siguro masyado akong ideyalista. Hindi ko naiisip na baka naman ang dahilan ng pag hihiwalay ng isang mag asawa ay mas malalim pa sa isang balon na pinagha-hangoan ng tubig. Sa pagkakataong ito, silang dalawa lang ang nakaka alam kung bakit nila kailangang iwan ang isa’t-isa.

Sa huli, sabi nga ng mga nakakatanda:

“Minsan kailangan natin gawin ang mga bagay-bagay na ayaw nating gawin. Dapat harapin ang problema upang mahanapan ito ng tamang lunas sa halip na isang-tabi lamang ito o ipagpa bukas.” —





3 good things to look forward to…

IMG_1911It’s now half past eight. I’m in bed catching up on FB, updating my photo gallery and updating my blogsite. So many updates lined up. Whewwwww!

Well, two things: First, my photo here has nothing to do with my post 😉 I just posted it so that my post has a featured image as well, hehehe. Kalerky ko lang!!!

Second, I should be up and about already. I still have to go to work later, but since yesterday I’ve been fighting the onset of colds and flu, so, I decided to just laze awhile in bed. At least for the next 30 minutes. 😆

I’m excited! I’m excited for a lot of things… more blessings.

First, i’m excited for the old-new team I’ll be joining starting next month. Old – because, we’ve actually been working together for more than two years… new since, we didn’t belong to the same group before. Now we’ll be working together as one group. Hoping that it will also work out well for all of us. Either that, or we dissolve the team and each would go their own way.

Second, I’m excited for my upcoming trip to Malta next month. I’ve never been there, so I’m really excited. I’m ready to explore the Islands and its rich old culture.

And of course, I’m also excited for my trip to the Philippines this coming June.This trip home is really special, because, this will be the first time I will see my nephew Marty. The first time that my niece Duday, will see our relatives again…after 12 or thirteen years. And since it will be like a semi-reunion for my family, we are all just happy and excited about it. It’s just a shame neither my mom, nor one of my sisters cannot join us on this trip. That’s why it’s only a semi-reunion. But my dad ais quiet happy and excited too. According to my youngest bro, dad has been quiet busy for our arrival…

So, to our tatay, 2 more months to go tay. Before you know it, anjan na kami agad!

Wow… puro biyahe.. di kaya ako mabingi sa kaka sakay ng eroplano nito?



 Dear Jürgen,
Today would have been your 50th birthday!
Would have been half a lifetime.
You lived, you laughed, and cried.
You loved, forgave and understood.
You got up, moved on and faced the world.
I know despite your illness and pain, you chose to face your own battle…
your spirit was still willing, but your body simply failing.
And your internal organs affected were slowly breaking.
God saw your Will to survive… and through the very end, you fought death with your might.
Still, there was no place for pity and bitterness in your heart.
And finally, God saw you getting tired.
You must leave us,
To return to our Almighty Father,
God is releasing you from your pain…
…suffering and misery.
Giving you the freedom you so deserved rightfully.


You’re probably watching us now from afar,
Celebrating with us in spirit,
It’s our loss…
but you are now forever free,
from the pain and worries of mortality.
We love you dear Jürgen, wherever you may now be!

A very small window…

This may sound so cliché, but i do still believe that: “When a door closes, somewhere, opens a window.” Besides, everyday, we learn something new. The chance for self development is always just lurking around us. It’s how we take/accept it and how we make use of it that matters. Another window of opportunity just came up for me.

I’m excited and at the same time nervous. I hope I would pass through the tests and more than that, I pray that I will last 3 years of going through the eye of the needle again.



Aginaldo na puro pagmamahal

Sabi ni Ginoong Leo Buscaglia:

“You can only give away what you have … If you have love, you can give it. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it to give.” ― Leo Buscaglia

Kaya sa mga inaanak ko, pwede bang pagmamahal na lang ang regalo niyo ngayong pasko… Babalutin ko sa isang malaking kahon at papala mutian ng garbong-garbo. Pangako, madaming madami ang matanggap niyo… at hindi lang sa araw ng Pasko… buong taon pa kung gusto mo!

Out with the old…

There are days when I could already smell the sweet air of Christmas. The feel of Snow. Hear the Christmas songs in the airwaves and at the Malls. It just means, year-end is also just around the corner. But before we slide into the new year, we end the current year with a Bang!!!

We fuss about Christmas! With the season always comes gatherings, dinner invites and and corporate parties. Meaning, we all get stuffed with sweets, alcohol and cholesterol. Its all good things but in excess could turn out bad for us. Oh well, as the old, rusty excuse goes: It’s Christmas anyway!

And of course, with all the invites, one also worries about what to wear to each event… hehehe, oh yes! *wink* go ahead, admit it. I sometimes pretend I don’t really care what I wear to these invites, but deep inside, yes I admittedly do.  😆

Since the beginning of November, I have been like out almost every weekend…  my weekends anyway (my days off). I fear that I may not have enough cool outfits to wear. As of the moment, I have like already 3 invites in a row starting this weekend…until end of the month. And I am already fidgeting. I don’t have a wide variety of choices. What hangs in my closet are either retro or sooo retro! They probably won’t fit me anymore, anyway. But I dug in my old chest. Perhaps, there is still an outfit or two that I haven’t worn for a while now.

So, I’m now in the “out with the old” motto. Meaning, I would probably start going “out” in my “old” outfits that I have not worn for a long time. No worries, with a little creativity and fun, I should be able to mix and match whatever I got stuck in the deeper part of the chest. Or maybe, (i will still hop and look-shop) — it never hurts to go drop by at the mall again and have a look-see, 😉 !

Happy Holidays Y’all!!!

03. Santa Baby

himig ng pasko





The need to…

The “need” to be with friends and families is like a magnet. There are times when one just simply wants to disappear from the face of the world. For whatever reason, one needs to be disconnected to others and needs time off. But no matter how hard one tries to get away and hide from people or from a community, at some point or another, one still breaks down and eventually gets back in circulation. After some time, one needs to come back to the real world and face whatever it was that forced the person to run, hide or disappear.

This strong urge gets to me as well every now and then. It comes like a thief in the night (or day) depends on when I get hit by it. The urge to be disconnected and then again the need to be back with my family, relations and friends.

Very similar to my relationship with this blogsite, actually 😉 !

Normally, I am just a silent person. I just stay on the sidelines… watching, lurking, stalking. I am with friends, but I only watch and listen to what’s going on around/within the community. But sometimes, it comes to me like an “itch”. Then I open my mouth…. and whaammmmm!!!!I say the darndest, most s****d thing — then I fall silent again for a long time, hahahaha!

Pilipina sa puso…

Mahigit isang dekada na rin akong naninirahan dito sa Oyropa. Pakiramdam ko, parang buong buhay ko na. Pero kahit pa, madalas ko pa rin nami miss ang Pilipinas. Masyadong excited pa din ako makabalik doon tuwing bakasyon. Excited pa rin akong makita ang mga lugar na pinapasyalan ko nung teenager pa ako. Ang mga kaibigan kong ka-share ko sa hirap at ginhawa habang nag aaral pa ako. Excited pa din akong baybayin ang buong EDSA, Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Mabini at Quezon Avenue areas. Ang pagsakay ng jeepney, bus at FX ay kinagigiliwan ko pa rin. At kung sumasakay ako sa MRT at LRT, lalo akong humahanga sa pagbabagong nagaganap sa ating Bayan.

OO, mabaw lang ako. Sa mga ganitong bagay natutuwa na ako. Tumataba na ang dibdib ko pag andun ako sa ating Bayan. Pero humigit pa sa pakiramdam ko, tuwing may nakikita akong mga dayuhan na gustong bumisita sa ating Bayang Pilipinas. At, sa Paliparang Frankfurt kung saan ako nagta trabaho napapansin ko, medyo madami na ang bilang ng mga dayuhan na nagiging interesado sa Bayan natin. At hindi ko tinutukoy ang mga dayuhan na may asawang Pilipino na dumadalaw sa atin. Ang tinutukoy ko ay ang mga kabataang gustong makita ang ibang dako ng mundo. Mga kabataang gustong buksan ang kanilang mga mata at pang unawa para sa ibang Bayan, ibang Kultura at Nasyon. Naaaliw ako sa kanila. At sa mga pagkakataong lalapit sila sa akin para mag tanong patungkol sa aking Bayang pinanggalingan, taas noo kong sinisigaw (OA!) sinasambit ang pangalan ng ating bayan: PHILIPPINEN – Philippines – Pilipinas. Siyempre, depende din sa lahi ng nagtatanong ;).

Subalit, sa di maiwasang kadahilan, kinailangan kong mag palit ng Estado o Nasyonalidad. Medyo matagal na rin akong nagpalit ng kulay ng pasaporte ko, pero sa isip, sa puso sa kulay at kultura, Pilipino pa rin ako. Kumakain pa rin ng tuyo, bagoong, taho (kung meron). Naghahanap ng Monay at pandesal sa mga asian shop. Gumagamit ng patis, toyo o kaya magic sarap sa pagluluto. Nagkakamay habang kumakain, kung may pagkakataon. Nakiki tsismis, naghahanap ng mga sale sa tinadahan, pumupunta sa divisoria at baclaran o kaya katapat nila dito sa Alemanya mga tindahan ng mga Turko, Pakistani, Indian, etc., kung saan nakaka mura. At oo, nakikipag tawaran pa din ako sa presyo ng binibili ko. Siyempre kung pwede lang din naman. Nasa pakikipag usapa naman yan at sa tono ng kanta ng tao…hehehe. At sa maniwala kayo o hindi… madalas nakaka hingi nga ako ng diskuwentro sa binibili ko, kahit pa dito sa Oyropa.

Nakikisuyo pa din ako sa mga kakilala ko na dalhan ako ng Boy Bawang, butong pakwan, polboron, neosep, alaxan, efficascent oil o kaya omega pain killer at kung ano ano pang bagay na nakasanayan ko sa ating bayan. Nanonood pa din ako ng mga pelikulang Pilipino, teleserye, telenobela at konsiyerto ng mga Pilipinong artista kung may pagkakataon. Sa makatuwid, nagpalit man ako ng kulay ng pasaporte ko, sa kulay ng balat ko (at hindi po ako nagpa Belo…hehehe), sa puso at sa diwa, isa pa rin akong Pilipina.

Kung naitatanong niyo po kung bakit ko ito naisulat dito, may isang Pilipina kasi akong nakasalubong sa shopping area dito sa malapit sa lugar ko. Binati ko siya ng ngiti at sabay nagtanong ako kung Pilipina siya. Nag Aleman po ng sagot, at Aleman daw siya. Di daw siya Pilipina. Pero sa pananalita niya, ang kanyang punto ay Pilipinang-Pilipina. Sa kulay ng balat, sa hugis ng ilong (ayoko kasi sanang sabaihhing PANGO siya), sa pagdadala ng kanyang kasuotan – kahit pa naka branded jeans and bags siya, masasabing Pilipina talaga siya. At eto pa, ang pagkakatang ko sa kanya: “Hello po ‘te. Pilipina ka?” Sagot niya: “Nein! Ich habe deutsche Pass.” (as in mismo mga kataga niya.)(Translation: “Hindi. Aleman ang pasaporte ko.”)– AHEMMMM!

Napahiya ako sa mga naka paligid sa amin. At nahiya din ako para sa kanya. Humingi nalang ako ng dispensa at hindi na ako nag usisa pa. Sa pagkaka intindi ko, hindi na siya Pilipina. German na siya. as in… but you know what, Teh? Kailangan ba talagang ipangalandakan kung Aleman ka na? Kailangan ba talagang ipamukha sa iba na pwede ka nang bomoto sa halalan nila dito? Naiintindihan mo ba kaya ang plataporma ng mga kandidata? Naiintindihan mo ba kaya ang pulitiko nila? Bakit di ka nalang magpaka totoo. OO, may pasaporte ka na ng Alemanya. May “digital personalausweiss ka na….WHO CARES?! Ate, huwag mo namang kalimutan sa kulay ng balat mo (pwera nalang kung nag meta ka), sa hugis ng ilong mo (pwera nalang kung nagpa Belo ka) at sa punto ng pananalita mo palang… perfekto ka man (o hindi) magsalita ng lenguahe dito… Pilipina ka pa din. Malamang sa bahay mo, meron ka ding nakatabing larawan ng Mayon Volcano, pamaypay na malaki na nakasabit sa dingding mo at last super na may katugmang malalaking kutsara at tinidor na nakasabit sa kusina mo… at higit sa lahat, magic sing along sa kabinet mo. Asus!

Pahabol lang:

Marami naman tayong nagpalit na ng pasaporte natin. Pero, ang punto ko lang naman dito, pasaporte lang naman natin ang pinalitan hindi po ba? Sa palagay ko naman po ay ang pagiging Pilipino ay hindi mapapalitan dahil sa ugali, isip pananalita mo ay bahagyang lumalabas ito. Ah, basta ako bisdak…(Bisayang Dako)!

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother in different languages:
Afirkaans – Moeder, Ma
Albanian – Mënë, Mëmë
Arabic – Ahm
Belarusian – Matka
Bolognese – Mèder
Bosnian/ Bulgarian – Majka
Brazilian/Portuguese – Mãe
Chechen – Nana
Croatian – Mati, Majka
Czech – Abatyse
Danish – Mor
Dutch – Moeder, Moer
English – Mother, Mama, Mom
Finnish – Äiti
French – Mère, Maman
German – Mutter
Greek – Màna
Hawaiian – Makuahine
Hindi – Ma, Maji
Hungarian – Anya, Fu
Icelandic – Móðir
Indonesian – Induk, Ibu, Biang, Nyokap
Irish – Máthair
Italian – Madre, Mamma
Japanese – Okaasan, Haha
Judeo/Spanish – Madre
Latin – Mater
Macedonian – Majka
Marathi – Aayi
Mongolian – eh
Norwegian – Madre
Persian – Madr, Maman
Tagalog – Ina, Nanay, Inay, Mama
Polish – Matka, Mama
Portuguese – Mãe
Punjabi – Mai, Mataji, Pabbo
Romanian – Mama, Maica
Russian – Mat’
Serbian – Majka
Slovak – Mama, Matka
Spanish – Madre, Mamá, Mami
Swedish – Mamma, Mor, Morsa
Swiss/German – Mueter
Turkish – Anne, Ana, Valide
Ukrainian – Mati
Urdu – Ammee
Welsh – Mam
Yiddish – Muter
Zeneize – Moæ

Moms may be called differently in ways, but one thing is common: their LOVE for their kids/children is unconditional and their role as mother is never ending. And I do believe that being a mother is the hardest job in the whole world. So, to all Mother’s: I salute and admire you all!

Teleserye fever

Well, life… i guess wherever we are in this world, no matter in which time zone we happen to live, grow up, study, work or simply exist, our roots never leaves us. People who are uprooted from wherever they came from, separated with their family and loved ones for whatever reasons, tend to adjust in their host country.

Of course, “what to do?”– ika nga ng isang Pinoy na kakilala ko na matagal nang naninirahan dito sa Alemanya. Andito siya “para matustosan ang mga pamilya niya sa Pilipinas. Ang kanyang mag iina at mga magulang at kapatid na rin”. Oh, diva bongga? Ang pinaka gasgas na “linya” o “dialog” nating mga Filipino overseas. Pero, okay lang, kasi kahit papaano nakaka survive naman tayo, kahit san tayo mapunta. Dahil sa pagmamahal natin sa aking mga kaanak. Dahil sa motibasyon at ambisyon. Dahil na rin sa hangad ng magandang buhay sa ating bayan, kung sakali mang kakayanin ng umuwi at doon na nga manirahan ulit sa ating Inang Bayan sa ating pag tanda. OO, maraming mga tao na pre pareho pinag dadaanan sa buhay. Pare-pareho din ang hangad na ambisyon, pero magkaka iba lang ang antas ng hirap at sakit na nag udyok sa kanila na makarating sa kanilang kinaroroonan ngayon.

At saan man nga tayong mga Pinoy mapadpad, salamat sa teknolohiya, may mga Pilipino teleserye na napapanood natin online o naman kaya ay sa pamamagitan ng TFC (The Filipin Channel) subscription na pampalipas ng lungkot at pangungulila.

Dito po ako nanonood ng mga Pelikulang Pilipino online: Sine Pinoy

At sa kasalukoyan, ito naman po ang isa sa kinagiliwan ko at sinusubaybayang teleserye…

Nakaka aliw manood nito. Alam mo na, halo-halong emotion ang nadarama ko kapagnanonood ako nito. Anjan ang kilig, saya, (bumabalik na alala ng aking kabataan), excitement, pagka inis sa mga kontrabida at awa sa naaping bida. Naiinis din ako sa dulo ng bawat episode, dahil ibig sabihin mabibitin na naman ako. Pero excited na ulit na mapanood na naman ang susunod na kabanata nito.

Nakaka loka, pero sa toto lang, ito ang theraphy ko kapag tinatamaan ako ng pagka homesick. Ito at ang iba pang palabas sa telebisyon na napapanood na nga via online streaming.

Kaarawan dapat ka nga bang ipagdiwang?

Sa themang kaarawan, nalalapit na ang ika apat na dekada na anibersaryo ng aking kapanganakan. Sa totoo lang, hanggang ngayon di ko pa rin alam kung mag hahanda ba ako. Bakit kaya ganun? Hindi ba, dapat aligaga ang tao sa paghahanda para sa kaarawan nito? Hindi ba, dapat masaya at maligalig ang tao sa pag iimbita ng bisita nito para sa kaarawan niya?

Nag aalinlangan ako kung maghahanda nga ako. Sabagay kasi hindi ko pa alam kung saan ko dapat idaos ang party. Minsan naiisip ko, gawin ko German style. Mag order ng mga cold cuts na nakapatong sa kahalating tinapay, mga iba’t-ibang klase ng keso, at mga Olives at paprika. Tapos maglagay din ng konting salad, ayos na. Mag imbita ng ilang tao sa isang restaurant for like 3 hours na kainan…tapos uwian na.

Pero, ang aking pagiging Pilipina ay kumokontra sa ideya na ito. Masaya naman kasi maghanda ng open end na party diba? Masa masarap din siyempre ang handang Pilipino. Ang walang kamatayang Pansit, Eskabche, Kaldereta, Humba o kaya Lechon. Isa pang problema, komo autumn baby ako, medyo malamig na sa buwan ng kaarawan ko. Hmmmm….. ano kaya maganda pakulo sa Oktubre?

I like the new look

I like the new look of my blog. Simple and neat. Boring? yeah, perhaps to some.. but for me it’s a new look. Fresh and clean so to say. Hopefully, I can blog as often again as I used to before. Well, after some years, the zest to do it has paned, but I still do it. It’s an outlet for me…somehow, like a theraphy. I can write anything I want… if it’s just crap or informative… or just plain vanity it does not really matter to me.