oh when will you get here?


I miss the warm weather.

I miss wearing t-shirts, shorts, minis and swim-suits…

I miss gently and equally lathering my skin with sun lotion and the wat-nots!

I miss the beach, the sand, the little boat…

I miss ice cream and ice cold drinks to quench the thirst on a really burning day…

I miss weekends on the beach…

I miss walking along the sand in my flipflops or just bare feet.

I miss grill nights…

Oh… summer-bummer!

When are you ever gonna get here???


Reads after Fifty and Crossfire series…

I spent my day off with nothing on but my bathrobe and everywhere I went in the house, i had my tablet one one hand and a cup of coffee on the other.

No, i was not chatting or video viewing some late Filipino soap operas on you tube …although even that, i have not done for quite sometime either.

I was actually, catching up on my reading! While I started reading with the companion of a good mug or two of brewed coffee…I moved on to a good choice of Wine with my reads.

Nope, I ‘m not reading really deep, mind bogging books…. instead, because it is St. Valentine’s weekend…I buried myself in reading romance novels with really hot scenes…

Oh, not NR or DS or the good ol’ Harlequin or Mills! böa… I bet nobody remembers those anymore. I used to read those, I call them “Emilyo Bukog” series.

Well, it is  a different era now.

I started with ELJ – the 4th run of the series since I have read the first three like a dozen times already, **wink**.

Now I’m into SD’s Crossfire series… and well, right after I plan to start on the “Billionaire’s Obsessions” series. Yikessss…

Yeah, it is some kind of book marathon. I started last night since I came home from work at around 22 hundred hours… I knew I didn’t have any other appointment for today, which is strange it being a Monday and all…. so i indulged myself to being lazy Susy today.. THE WHOLE effing DAY!!!

And no, I don’t intend to write anything about what I read…

I won’t be caught explaining about BOB’s and BDSM here.

One thing for sure, after ELJ’s 50 and SD’s crossfire series, I need to find the time to look for the rest of the books featured in here.

I guess my MC would go crazy with my book expenditures again, which I expect will be happening soon… if not immediately after finishing this entry,

öch neeee!!!  😈  😆 🙄  😯


Missing mi-familya sagrada

Spending quality time with family or “bonding”…that is actually the best way to spend vacation. Days or weeks free from the busy and stressful corporate life. Just a few days in a month, perhaps even a week or two every 3 months? However possible, take the chance whenever it presents itself – I would take it-correct that, I would grab it faster than i could blink an eye ;).

Yes, I would.

Nakakapagod kasi. Ang buhay ko sa ngayon ay may dalawang kinagagalawan laang, ala eh! . Trabaho at Bahay. Sa trabaho, nauubos ang oras sa pagiging stressed out. Mahirap kasing makipag sabayan sa isang mundo ng magka-ibang lahi at kultura. Palaging taliwas ang mga opinyon. Palaging may diskusyon. Palaging may nagpa palapad ng papel at meron ding malalapad ang fes na nagpupumilit iginiit ang baluktot na idea na kanilang naiisip.

At sa bahay naman: nauubos din ang time para sa gawaing bahay. Parang walang katapusan ang labahin at palantsahin. Di ko rin alam kung bakit kahit Weekly ang paglilinis ko sa bahay ay kasing kapal pa din ng abo ng mount Pinatubo ang alikabok sa loob ng bahay ko.

Minsan naiisip ko, siguro pwede na kumuha ng tulong like isang beses sa isang linggo. Maliit lang naman ang bahay.Kayang kaya ng 4 na oras na trabaho. Ang problema, mataimage017.jpggal ang biyahe kung via public transpo. Hmmmm…

Pero, ngayon ay medyo aligaga na naman ako. May malaking kaganapang mangyayari sa buwan ng Hulyo. Sa totoo lang hindi na mapakali ang loley sa pag hahanda. Puno na ang jeepney para sa sunod na biyahe. Kapit na!

Books and movies

I love books. In fact, when I start reading a book, it is very difficult for me to put it down before reaching the last page.
I guess, old habits die hard.

See, sometimes I think when I came out from the womb of my mother, I was already holding a book.. hehehe.

Instead of playing with dolls, I was reading a book.
Instead of going out with classmates and friends, I was reading a book.
(When I was with classmates, we were also just discussing about the recent books we read).
Instead of playing out on the streets with other neighbors’ kids, yeah.. i was reading a book.
I stayed up late nights and until the wee hours of the morning reading a book.

and … ahmmm it sounds like cliche…
but yes Fifty Shades of Grey!I read the trilogy too.


So, there you go.
I finally said it.
I read the trilogy, yes.
I liked the romance part yes.
I did not like the hardcore sex description as much.
In fact, most of the time I just flipped thru to the next page where I get butterflies in the stomach part. Cause, yeah, like most women out there.. I am A SUCKER for romance, rags to riches stories and happy endings.
I am also a sucker for stories where one goes through a very difficult time in life but come out successful and complete in the end.

Who isn’t?

I mean life is like that. Sometimes! In a way!
People, who goes through life without going thru any difficulties and trials?
The extent and depth of the trials may not be the same for each individual… but hey, it does happen.
And the moment one is going through a difficult situation, it always feels like it is the most difficult trial in their life. Of course, others may think that their problems or trials is either bigger or graver and then again, it could be that it is just trivial.

But… i digress!

Books, turned into movies… are most of the time NOT justified.

Except for some… I am speaking of course for myself, most are really not comparable.
Okay, I may not have read more than others, but those that I did read and saw the film version as well, which were really justified can be counted with my two hands.

Yeah, I know i bragged that I read a lot and it may not be to some..but still, i remain.

Books and movies…

Books interpreted into movies, well yeah, even more exciting.

Gone with the Wind
Interview with the Vampire
Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
Harry Potter
Pillars of the Earth
Dante’s Inferno

What the hell happened to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film?

Obviously, I finally saw the movie.
Two hours of seating at the edge of my seat, waiting for some kick… some heavy emotional, crazy, psychotic kind of romance coming up.
Sadly, nothing! Not even the BDSM scenes were good enough to really bring out an extreme emotion from the viewers. Well, at least it didn’t work for me. *wink*

MV5BMjE1MTM4NDAzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTMwNjI0MzE@._V1_SX214_AL_ IMDB – Fifty Shades of Grey 2015
Excuse me, but in my humble opinion, the lead actor Mr. Jamie Dornan is not suited for the role as “Christian Grey”. I mean, the character of Christian Grey was not given justice by the actor. I was hoping for a real-life version of Christian Grey. Neither sex appeal nor the facial expression was visible.
The sporty Christian.
The boyish Christian.
The businessman Christian.
The overbearing, dominating Christian.
Most definitely NOT the sex-God Christian.

Oh, the romantic part that one feels while reading the book is also zilch!

Unfortunately, overall, the different “persona” of Christian was not portrayed effectively.

I can understand that it might be a very difficult role to play.. The character is very hard to fill in.. but hey,… acting? actor? your job? duhhh?

It’s a shame.

So, what’s all this bruhaha about the film??? Because honestly? It’s not worth it.

Just sayin’!


… am i sitting in front of my PC vegetating today? ON a WORK day?
—The doctor said i should relax. Not think of anything. Not do any heavy lifting. No stressing myself out. Just R E L A X!!!

Why am I at home?

… instead of working my ar*** out at the Airport?
— because I have been sick for a while. Okay, it started with a normal flu. The first two days, i thought, “hmmm, I’ve had this before. I just didn’t mind it and continued going to work. It went away after a while. So, this time, i thought okay, It’s just a Flu. I can still go to work. No worries.”
But then, I started making mistakes at work for lack of concentration. (Yeah, I know what your thinking: “blame it on the illness!!!”)When one works with documents involving money, one needs full concentration and focus. But when one is sick, full concentration and focus cannot be achieved, hence the risk of making mistakes ending in discrepancies, be it large or small amounts is very high!

Why only now?

… did I decide only now to update this blog?
— I called in sick since Friday, Feb 20, 2015. I was literally just lying in bed or on the sofa(depended on the time of day or night) the whole time. I got served hand and foot by hubby. I only got up to go to the loo. I had foot spa, hot bath and then was just lying back in bed right after this sessions.
10984996_10204494958708815_3796859085299608657_nI did steam with camomile and then the next day with eucalyptus…
In short I tried all sorts of home remedies to get better ASAP. The fever went, the coughing stopped, the clogged nose got better. Well, I could already breath again without difficulties.
What stayed was the headache. It was so strong that by Monday, even the slightest movement was already insufferable. Add to the pain, the feeling of going to vomit was there all the time. And the stomach pain was so bad, every time i ate something in order to be able to take medication, i also had to endure the stomach pains. I did not go anywhere Monday. I couldn’t! I didn’t even dare to go back to the doctor.

Why only Tuesday?
… I went back Tuesday to the doctor. I had to because the following day I am suppose to go to back to work already, but I was not fit yet.
— Good thing I did go back to my doctor. Yesterday, Tuesday, the 24th of February-I was out of the house before noontime and came back home only early evening.
I was at the doctor. I got checked for all possible sickness as to the cause of the headache and stomach pains and vomiting feeling. It was around 2pm I was diagnosed of having HBP. I had 180/110.  The doctor’s and my eyes were like literally bulging in surprise. About two or three hours later it went down to 160/99.  He finally decided I was definitely staying home for the next week at least. Gave me medicine and prescribed something that I should take twice a day: one in the morning and again in the evening. On top, I had to measure my BP also twice a day: Morning and at night.

Why this kind?
… My parents have been diagnosed of HBP. Both are taking medications to maintain BP levels to normal.
— I guess it goes without saying that I may have inherited the sickness as well.

Why I really should not take it for granted?
… Because of statistics.
— stats may just be numbers to some. But base on these numbers and figures, the risk is too high that a vein or blood vessel may just pop out of the blue. And then? NO. I don’t even want to go into that. I refuse to even think it could end up like that.


Don’t get me wrong. It’s not only because of the genes that’s why I have the sickness. Other factors like Stress, anxiety, personal problems/dilemma can be the causes of HBP. As well as smoking, alcohol intake, wrong diet.

I do have stress at work. But this is no reason for me to just call in sick.  I don’t’ want be unfair to my other colleagues. I do know for a fact that If don’t come to work, they would have to share the bulk of covering for my shifts. There is a way to still be happy with work even after all the office politics and stress.

I am sorry!

Sorry that I can’t come to work. Sorry that I have this sickness.

Taking into consideration that both parents have it, I knew that there is a big chance that I have it also.

I just didn’t expect for it to show up now. I still think I am too young to have this… hey, i’m just thirty-ish— for X’s sake!..(hahaha)

I guess i can only blame this at the moment on bad Genes— *wink*


image954Our trip home 2 years ago was really awesome.Except for my sister Pongs’ family and my mom, the family was half complete. My mom went back home November 2012 in time for our Lola’s 90th birthday celebration. She used most of her vacation leave already and therefore couldn’t go back again some 7 months later. But still, it was a memorable and fun experience.

Meeting my nephew Marty, my brother’s youngest was a most valuable experience. He was barely two when they arrived in Manila. We celebrated his birthday at club Isabel in Batangas and had lunch on the way to Manila at the most visited Leslie’s restaurant in Tagaytay.

First time that my brother and his entire family came to visit with me, my sister and niece, Diday and Duday who are also first time Balikbayan-ers after 14 years. The house was busy and noisy-more lively actually. It seemed more like Christmas in the house. And that was in July. Well, that’s just the thing. In the Philippines, it always feels like everyday is Christmas just because the whole family is together. It is already worth celebrating, without waiting for the actual holiday season.

Come July, i’ll be visiting again. This time with my nephew Matt and nieces Duday & Lucibelle. It’s a shame that Trish and Marty won’t make it. But I’m sure it will be a most memorable experience as well.

Still, i’m hopeful. In God’s Grace. Everyday I pray!

Birthday blues…

Age is just digits!

Yeah, probably, but I slowly feel the weight of it too.

There used to be the time when, I could do almost every errands, projects without heaving a puff… no sweat at all!

But lately, I noticed that if I want to do something, a long drive, a short visit or just any project – that it is necessary for me to set time as well for breaks in between plans.

Getting ripe in experience!

On a lighter shade, please have a look at this avatar.

ADMin compaq4Somebody said this avatar looks like me…

I know I am not getting any younger.. but it’s quiet clear the nose was not given justice.

Nothing personal-I’m just not allowed to step on US grounds!

For months, I was looking forward to my U.S. trip. This is not my first time to travel to the US. I had a multiple entry Visa  in my then Philippine passport, which I used to travel to the US before.

After I changed my Nationality to German, I traveled to the US again in 2010 without any problems.

This time, the US government revoked my ESTA-without giving any reasons.

I only wanted to visit friends and relatives in the US. I never planned to overstay. I have no plans to look for a job in the US nor breach my allowed number of days of stay in the US.

You see, I have a life here in Europe. I have no reason to transfer to the US. Not even because a part of my family lives there. I just wanted to go visit my mom and some friends.

I only wanted to see the ever popular New Orleans-French quarter. I only wanted to see the NASA in Orlando, Florida.

The preparations I made to be able to meet my friends whom I have not seen for more than a decade. The trouble that my friends also had to go through just so they could also get a vacation from work just to see me and another friend flying in from Australia around the same time. All that changed one day before my departure.

My inland flight bookings are non-reimbursable. A policy of a US carrier- not even because of VISA reasons. Nope – – –  NO pardon!

The shock I got from the surprise is still eating me until now.

To recall:

I went to check in my bags the night before departure. My boarding pass was not printed by the machine.

So I went to the counter help desk to ask for my BP to be reprinted, only to find out – to my utter shock that my ESTA status has changed from “Authorization to travel APPROVED” to “NOT AUTHORIZED TO TRAVEL”.

I have all the hotel and car rentals bookings made. Flight from New Orleans to Orlando was all confirmed weeks in advance. I went in panic mode.

The Lufthansa check in agent was very helpful and checked everything for me. All was in order, she said. No error was made in the application. No discrepancies were found between the application form and my passport. In short, every detail was correctly entered. So, what went wrong?

The LH check-in agent, made a phone queries to the proper representatives who might be able to help us get some answers – but all to nothing it went..

They also verified that the status of my ESTA has changed. But did not give out the reason why? They then advised that either I apply again another ESTA  or get a VISA from the embassy. The ESTA would be quicker—but I had several questions that unfortunately no one could give me an answer to.

ON top of my list is:

1.) What was the reason why my ESTA was revoked??

2.) If and when I do submit again online another ESTA application, what are the chances that I would get an Authorization  to travel?

3.) Then of course, the risk that I am taking if I fly and overnight during the flight they would tell me again that the ESTA status changed and I that I am not allowed to step on American grounds? Logically thinking,  I believe I would I be deported and sent on the next flight back to FRA.

4.) If I do apply for a VISA which would probably not take more than a week, what are the chances that it be would approved to let me travel to US territory? I mean, it doesn’t make sense that they don’t let me step on US grounds under the Visa waiver program but would allow me to enter the US with a VISA. WHY??? It is practically the same. The Visa waiver just saves me the time and effort to go the the US embassy and obtain a VISA since I can get the ESTA comfortably from anywhere else with an internet connection. In both cases, I can then  travel to the US with either an approved ESTA or a VISUM.

It’s now been two days. Two days of my much awaited vacation in the US gone to the stress of trying to fix the problem. A problem that I couldn’t actually ever begin to resolve since I don’t know what the reason was why my ESTA status was changed.

NOPE, I did not bother to write a complaint—since if they revoked an ESTA without giving any reasons, it just proves that they don’t actually care.

Nobody would give a minute of their time to give me answers – because they don’t feel obliged to give me a reason.

Not even like: Och! it’s nothing personal, we just don’t want you here in America! Nope NOT here in the LAND of The FREE…




Back in the saddle again

Well, I decided to take time off from social networking for some months, weeks, days, ehem– hours :mrgreen: .

I found out that my blog has been hibernating for several months now and yet my friendly service provider has been busy! 😉

So, what’s up?

Fast approaching is the Holiday Season again– Christmas, New Year… Same Routine. Different Figures!

I’ll be working through the Christmas Holidays but I’ll be Off from the 30th of December till the 2nd of January. I did request for a couple of days vacation. From the 3rd of January till the 12th. If it can be arranged, I’ll be welcoming the 2014 with my family in Brussels, Belgium. Hopefully all will go as planned!

So, I was absent from blogging for a while… reasons?

Well, first I was busy at work. I started on something that went quiet well in the beginning but…but now I am not that sure anymore. It looks like I would have to find something better to do than just do what I have been doing for the last 8 months or so. I still don’t know what though—hehehe!

Okay… maybe I just need a much deserved break?!

I was also busy trying to maintain my optimal weight…. ahemmm… yes, I am vain – sometimes? Okay-okay! I admit.. I am really always Vain!!! So???

P1050375Before I started Fasting on a regular basis, my weight was playing around 68-70. It depends how many times I had rice in a week! Imagine a petite Filipina, 1,53 cm height and weighing 70-yish!?!

Well, suffice it to say, I had to do a complete turn around regarding my eating habit. Low carb, no sweets, more fruits and black coffee! It worked of course. I now weigh 12 kilos less than I weighed several years back. Now the next difficult part is to maintain this desired weight. Yes, it is difficult! harharhar!!! Mas mabuti pang mag review for an exam or do an essay on the complete LotR Trilogy kaysa mag maintain ng timbang… heeeeelp me!!!

IMG_0121bNow, this is what I eat:

Breakfast:   2-3 pcs. of toast or 2-3 slices of cake with a cup of black coffee or tea

Lunch:         I’m actually allowed to eat everything:  from rice, pasta, pizza

Dinner:        Vegetables with less carb of course- no potato, no rice no pasta, less leafy salad

But still, there are some days when I really can’t stop myself from eating carb at night as well. On times when I get invited for dinner or when I’m about to have my monthly thingy!… Then I splurge – and that’s when it get’s critical.

Luckily, after 5 years – I still manage to maintain my weight at around 50-yish or so. My dream weight is actually 54 KG. I reached it after I did my very fist “fasting regime”. Now I’m 2kg more sometimes 3kg. But who knows how I will look and weigh again after the Holidays…or when I come back from Brussels. I sure hope I won’t gain the 12 kgs back!

I’m Learning and letting go…

Some days are just as good as any other.

My day yesterday definitely does not belong to “my best days list”. It’s a dog eat dog world out there…I am still salving my wounds till now. I do know one thing. I refuse to be used and abused!!! – **bleeding**hurting**surviving**

IMG_8737On a lighter shade of gray: Last night, I attended a prayer meeting for a very good friend who passed away a couple of days ago. We were saddened that our very old friend died.  But we are also really impressed that till the end, to her last breath, “Swithart” still didn’t want to burden anybody else…neither her kids nor her relatives and friends. Everything was set and prepared for already. Her family just needed to contact the funeral parlor and that was it. No more hustle and discussions. Typical of her. Swithart left behind 11 kids, perhaps a couple of dozens of grandchildren. Now she is at rest at the age of 78. I think I wrote something about her here in my blog some years ago. I salute her. Everything she went through for her to be able to raise 11 children on her own. She never stopped loving, dancing, eating, laughing and simply enjoying her life. No worries, no dull moments. And that is from a person who could hardly read nor write. I sooo miss you “Swithart”. Wherever your soul maybe, I know that your are happy.

You embraced your life in our world…now Go and Cherish YOUR Peace with our Lord!

We had a good time reminiscing about “Swithart”…our time with her together going to places, eating at home, giving each other advices, support and massages! 🙂 It was a time of grieving but also a time of Thanksgiving. Among the group present for the Prayer meeting, only the three of us who came, knew and lived with “Swithart” before. The others were mostly friends of the daughter of “Swithart”.

On the way home with two other friends, we walked pass the Famous Frankfurter “Alte Oper”. Not one of us had a camera so we had to make do with our phone cams…the photo result is not so good, but the memory will stay with us… hehehe.

20131206_203338 (2) 20131206_203742 20131206_203332





We are there somewhere in the picture… we just can’t see ourselves—hahaha!!!



Ang danyos ng Bagyo…

Sa relasyon, palaging may dalawang daan. Dalawang kalye, dalawang opinion. Dalawang idea na pwedeng mag tugma o di naman kaya ay palaging salungat sa isa’t-isa. Dalawang tao na may sariling pag iisip at may kanya-kanyang opinyon at panata.

Hanggang ngayon bumabagabag sa isip ko ang katanungang ito: “Isa nga bang malaking misteryo kung paano nagtatagal magsama ang dalawang tao?”

Kasi kung ako ang tatanungin niyo, sa totoo lang ay hindi ko din alam. Wala akong ginamit na formula, wala akong sinunod na batas o patakaran. Basta ang sinunod ko lang ang aking isip at damdamin. Kung ano ang pakiramdam ko at sa pag iisip ko ay tama, okay na yun. Go and fight na ako sa ano-mang dumating sa buhay naming mag-asawa. Ang pag uunawa at pag tanggap sa kasama mo sa buhay ay buong puso na ginagawa. Dapat tanggap mo siya at ang buong pagka-tao niya. Kasama na sa kabaitan at mapag-mahal na katangian, ang kalokohan at talangka niya sa utak.

Madami ako niyan… kalokohan at talangka sa utak. At mukhang tanggap din naman ito ng asawa ko. Pinag aawayan namin pero sa bandang huli nag kaka-ayos din kami. Huwag niyo nalang maitanong kung ano ang nangyari sa talangko ko sa utak, hahaha.

Basta ang alam ko, sa pag katapos ng dagsa ng salita at mala bagyong buhos ng emosyon, okay na ulit. Tahimik na ulit ang paligid at buhay. Importante, mapag usapan at mailabas ang masamang hangin na nag lalaro sa isip nilang mag-asawa.

Ang mahirap lang nga, hindi lahat ng mag asawa naka-kayanang lagpasan ang isang “Bagyong Andoy” sa buhay nila. Madalas, hindi na naibabalik ang kanilang respeto at pagmamahal sa isa’t-isa sa pag tila ng ulan at pag-tigil ng buga ng malakas na hangin sa buhay nila bilang mag asawa. Nakaka lungkot na nauuwi sa hiwalayan ang isang simpleng di pagkaka-unawaan nila.

Ngunit sabi nga din na Tita ko, siguro masyado akong ideyalista. Hindi ko naiisip na baka naman ang dahilan ng pag hihiwalay ng isang mag asawa ay mas malalim pa sa isang balon na pinagha-hangoan ng tubig. Sa pagkakataong ito, silang dalawa lang ang nakaka alam kung bakit nila kailangang iwan ang isa’t-isa.

Sa huli, sabi nga ng mga nakakatanda:

“Minsan kailangan natin gawin ang mga bagay-bagay na ayaw nating gawin. Dapat harapin ang problema upang mahanapan ito ng tamang lunas sa halip na isang-tabi lamang ito o ipagpa bukas.” —





3 good things to look forward to…

IMG_1911It’s now half past eight. I’m in bed catching up on FB, updating my photo gallery and updating my blogsite. So many updates lined up. Whewwwww!

Well, two things: First, my photo here has nothing to do with my post 😉 I just posted it so that my post has a featured image as well, hehehe. Kalerky ko lang!!!

Second, I should be up and about already. I still have to go to work later, but since yesterday I’ve been fighting the onset of colds and flu, so, I decided to just laze awhile in bed. At least for the next 30 minutes. 😆

I’m excited! I’m excited for a lot of things… more blessings.

First, i’m excited for the old-new team I’ll be joining starting next month. Old – because, we’ve actually been working together for more than two years… new since, we didn’t belong to the same group before. Now we’ll be working together as one group. Hoping that it will also work out well for all of us. Either that, or we dissolve the team and each would go their own way.

Second, I’m excited for my upcoming trip to Malta next month. I’ve never been there, so I’m really excited. I’m ready to explore the Islands and its rich old culture.

And of course, I’m also excited for my trip to the Philippines this coming June.This trip home is really special, because, this will be the first time I will see my nephew Marty. The first time that my niece Duday, will see our relatives again…after 12 or thirteen years. And since it will be like a semi-reunion for my family, we are all just happy and excited about it. It’s just a shame neither my mom, nor one of my sisters cannot join us on this trip. That’s why it’s only a semi-reunion. But my dad ais quiet happy and excited too. According to my youngest bro, dad has been quiet busy for our arrival…

So, to our tatay, 2 more months to go tay. Before you know it, anjan na kami agad!

Wow… puro biyahe.. di kaya ako mabingi sa kaka sakay ng eroplano nito?