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Keeping myself fit


I just checked my Samsung Health App…

Happy to declare that I am relatively fit.

Trotz covid-19 and stay at home order, I still managed to do an average of 10K steps a day. I also go for long walks with an average of 7km per day. And of course, the required minimum of 20 Mins of stretching. Basically, I can proudly say, I keep myself fit. Every now and then I do interval fasting – but honestly, I am not that diligent with it. I can’t seem to disregard food whenever I smell, see and dream of it. (ha,ha,ha)

My main worry is my belly pouch. Planking and sit ups are not helping! So, I decided to resort to patching.

My patches arrived today. I immediately stuck it on my tummy tum-tums! Belly button to be exact!

Timetable is 10 days. Since I have quiet a bit of a bulge, I’m setting my timetable to 30 days.

I’ll be sure to update any developments—hoping of course that the patches will work.

Bis dann!

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Add on to Corona “home to do” list

My abode needless to say is not as huge as in the picture.
I’m not complaining!
First off, I can’t imagine how to keep something as grand as the Stadtschloss
in Fulda. Second, I don’t have the talent to maintain a beautiful garden. Thirdly, can’t afford to have something as extravagant anyways! *lol*
In my dreams, perhaps… all in my dreams! *wink*, *wink*

As I have previously posted, ever since I have been locked at home because of the corona virus pandemic, I have been busy mostly in the kitchen. I have tried baking and cooking recipes that I have never done before. Of course, needless to say, hubby and I gained weight. So, now I have decided to expand my to do list. Well, I don’t plan to stop cooking and baking.

I’m thinking, on top of these two, I might also:
Paint the bedroom walls…
Beautify my tiny balcony…
Trim my indoor plants….

My balcony flower pots also does not look like this:

But perhaps, by the time this pandemic is over, I will be able to achieve half as much.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!


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When I was 3 decades younger, I used to love reading about fairy tales. I believed in the naivety of the stories conveyed. I thought that “happily ever after” really exists. I took it for granted that after suffering from trials comes success and a better life. I believed in the concept of the Prince saving the Princess from the evil stepsisters and cruel stepmothers. I believed in the handsome debonaire saving the damsel in distress. I simply believed that goodness in life still exists. That pureness of the hearts of people still lives through tough times.

Then I turned the page over… and reality sets in.

Goodnight folks!

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Pandesal experience

Have been passing my time locked up in the kitchen during the last weeks-well, what to do?

At the moment, can’t really do much. City is locked down, not allowed to visit and of worst–was not allowed to do my favorite past time and socialization activity…my work! Hahaha… No colleague of mine believes it when I say that I come to work so that I have a so called-social life.

Right, it is most probably unbelievable, but that is how my hubby calls my work.

I’m lucky that I am enjoying so much blessings, that’s why, I am always thankful to the Lord for a beautiful life.

Anyways, I digress….

So, I have tried new recipes including homemade pizza and…. PANDESAL!

Yes, I finally managed to try baking it myself.

Proof? hmmm…

The thought just came to me.

Have you ever had a person whom you deem special and you value too much, only to find out that, that very same person just takes you for a pushover??? I just realized, the group of friends that I have valued for so many years… that I deemed special to me, for so more than a decade, I accepted the so-called “friendship” that was offered me only to find out that it was all just a farce.

How to avoid these kind of people???

I’m thinking show passive response. It does not make sense at all trying to confront the person since, the think tank of that person is similar to that of a cockroach! (Sorry for flaming out like this)!

Well, needless to say, I don’t have to worry too much about that person. Someday, I hope i can really forgive that person… and eventually forget how I was wronged.

Unfortunately, scars hardly ever goes away.

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Lucky 7th year

Today marks the 7th year of PTF Frankfurt Desk Operations.

Seven years ago today, PTF opened it’s own Tax Refund Counters in Frankfurt Airport with a group of 5 personnel. We started everything from scratch. We worked with two counters; each with a laptop and a printer. All five of us came with an earnest zeal and motivation to work.

None of us had to undergo any training. Brainstorming together and supporting each other was what we did. We each came to work with a bag-full of know-how gathered from the previous company where we gained Tax Refund experience. We adjusted each action as the situation arises. We planned and set up protocols as per hands on basis. And with it, we started the ball rolling!

Like any normal company, in time we had company mergers, management revamps and re-branding. Some members of the original team ventured into other pastures and we also acquired new colleagues that put in the same effort and dedication to our company. Through all this, we survived. Eventually, we grew together as a small team-a family! Moreover, we also got to know other colleagues from all over Germany

PTF, TFW and now Planet…
Whereas before, we only had two options of refunding, now also offer digital refunding. Instant WeChat and Instant Alipay refund options for our bulk customers from Asia is readily available. We also have prepaid MasterCard solution for customers who have outstanding refunds from our company. Furthermore, we now occupy five counters in Frankfurt International Airport. On top of our current City Center outlets, we will soon open the city center cash-point GKK (Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof) in Frankfurt am Main as well as in other strategic cities in Germany. Moreover, Planet merchant partners not only enjoy the luxury of our Tax refund services, but they can also make use of our Payment Systems services.

Suffice it to say, we are growing, we are evolving and after this corona pandemie,… we are ever ready to serve again!

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6th Week of mixed emotions…

Still on stay at home mode… I am already on my 6th week… and still counting.
From the looks of this, I may still have to stay at home until the end of June 2020. At the very least… or until I get re-called earlier than June 30, 2020.

I thank God that in these times, trotz the virus pandemic:

I’m good.
I am blessed to not have caught the virus.
I am blessed that i can still have my meals comfortably.
I am blessed that I don’t need to sacrifice myself physically to help fight the spread of the virus.

On the other hand, I feel sad that people are being a headache.
They demand to defy the rules.
They are being unreasonable and being difficult.
They disregard the fact that they may help contribute to the pain and suffering of others.

Also, my heart cries out to those who are suffering from the virus directly.
I bleed for those who cannot keep both ends meet.
I feel the people who are troubled about how or where or when to get the finances to provide for their families.
I hurt for those who doesn’t have anything at all.. and can’t even get help from their local government.

Thousands have died… Hundreds are in critical condition and millions are suffering.

How do we end this battle? How do we conquer this pandemie?

Please people, adhere!

Stay at home and help the world HEAL!!!

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