Lucky 7th year

Today marks the 7th year of PTF Frankfurt Desk Operations.

Seven years ago today, PTF opened it’s own Tax Refund Counters in Frankfurt Airport with a group of 5 personnel. We started everything from scratch. We worked with two counters; each with a laptop and a printer. All five of us came with an earnest zeal and motivation to work.

None of us had to undergo any training. Brainstorming together and supporting each other was what we did. We each came to work with a bag-full of know-how gathered from the previous company where we gained Tax Refund experience. We adjusted each action as the situation arises. We planned and set up protocols as per hands on basis. And with it, we started the ball rolling!

Like any normal company, in time we had company mergers, management revamps and re-branding. Some members of the original team ventured into other pastures and we also acquired new colleagues that put in the same effort and dedication to our company. Through all this, we survived. Eventually, we grew together as a small team-a family! Moreover, we also got to know other colleagues from all over Germany

PTF, TFW and now Planet…
Whereas before, we only had two options of refunding, now also offer digital refunding. Instant WeChat and Instant Alipay refund options for our bulk customers from Asia is readily available. We also have prepaid MasterCard solution for customers who have outstanding refunds from our company. Furthermore, we now occupy five counters in Frankfurt International Airport. On top of our current City Center outlets, we will soon open the city center cash-point GKK (Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof) in Frankfurt am Main as well as in other strategic cities in Germany. Moreover, Planet merchant partners not only enjoy the luxury of our Tax refund services, but they can also make use of our Payment Systems services.

Suffice it to say, we are growing, we are evolving and after this corona pandemie,… we are ever ready to serve again!

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6th Week of mixed emotions…

Still on stay at home mode… I am already on my 6th week… and still counting.
From the looks of this, I may still have to stay at home until the end of June 2020. At the very least… or until I get re-called earlier than June 30, 2020.

I thank God that in these times, trotz the virus pandemic:

I’m good.
I am blessed to not have caught the virus.
I am blessed that i can still have my meals comfortably.
I am blessed that I don’t need to sacrifice myself physically to help fight the spread of the virus.

On the other hand, I feel sad that people are being a headache.
They demand to defy the rules.
They are being unreasonable and being difficult.
They disregard the fact that they may help contribute to the pain and suffering of others.

Also, my heart cries out to those who are suffering from the virus directly.
I bleed for those who cannot keep both ends meet.
I feel the people who are troubled about how or where or when to get the finances to provide for their families.
I hurt for those who doesn’t have anything at all.. and can’t even get help from their local government.

Thousands have died… Hundreds are in critical condition and millions are suffering.

How do we end this battle? How do we conquer this pandemie?

Please people, adhere!

Stay at home and help the world HEAL!!!

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Positive effect of corona

I am now at my 5th week of stay at home and counting.
So, how have I spent my days at home?

It’s amazing what one finds to repair or to do at home nowadays.
I never thought there were so many things awaiting my tender loving care, ;). Repairs-mostly.
Big project like painting–honestly, I am still thinking about it. But it definitely needs to be done as well…
Hopefully, I’ll get to it before I go back to work again 😉 😉

For now, I have done:

Apartment cleaned up from all rooms, nooks and corners. Windows and glass doors included!
Tried new cake recipes.
Learned how to cook other Asian Cuisine (Korean & Japanese).
Sewing machine which was rusting away in the cupboard is out again.
Self made face mask is a success.
Jackets with missing buttons are now repaired.
Clothes with wear and tear are also patched.
Blog site updated.
XXL size warm blankets all washed and folded.

More positive effects:
Less shopping for unnecessary things.
CC is definitely on vacation as well.
Cabinets are not getting stressed out for new things.

What about you… what have you been up to?

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Are you gifted?


I often wonder what my real talent is.

I started to learn to play the guitar… but not much luck.

I do karaoke every now and then.. but as my brother used to tell me when we were quite small: “I should just stop!”

Hahaha… I laugh about it nowadays, but I remember, I cried the whole afternoon that day.

Then, when I was in my teenage years, my mom hired a Dance Instructor to teach us girls how to dance.. Ballroom dancing to be exact.

Of course, me as the oldest among the girls, got to go first. I did quick step, chacha, waltz and tango.

My lessons did not last though. I got kicked out of the floor. My mom always said, “okay, enough of that. Let your sisters take their turns now.” I obliged, thinking I would get my chance again after them…

Well, I got the chance to learn ballroom dancing again after I got married…. the second time!

I learned it again with my hubby when we were still residing in Brussels, Belgium. We took a course where we learned several dances.

We had fun, though I can’t say the same for my teacher. I guess I gave her (and needless to say my hubby as well) a headache at every session.

She complained all the time that I was leading the dance instead of my husband. I reasoned out that I knew the steps better than my husband… which was of course unacceptable both to my teacher and to most definitely to my hubby.

Hahah, only then did I realize that my mom was right. (Mothers always knows best!)

I’m not gifted in the art of dancing either.

So, what is my real talent?

Believe you me, I have lived almost 5 decades of my life in this world and I still don’t know myself!

To appease myself, I always think that I know a bit of this and a bit of that… but I am not obligated to excel in each genre.

Yes, that is my excuse!

What’s yours?

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To live past the Covid-19 qualm

Negative means GOOD!
Positive is a scary word.
Masks are not only to hide oneself,
it is also to keep your youth and good health.

Treasures are not anymore stones and diamonds,
they are now the freedom to get out from home.
Vacations are better spent in your own garden or at home in your den,
getting served by waiters in restaurants are but a dream
and your kitchen becomes your kingdom realm.

Toilet paper and kitchen rolls are as worthy as your security bonds
and boy… don’t forget your paper bills are fun to squander,
if you can find a shop to wander.
Else online shopping is best done, where Credit cards and digital wallets are more welcome.

So, if you still want to live past this covid-qualm

Vaccines and remedies are the highest trending
Virtual world is now the hip thing
Human contact is best avoided
Lest somebody wants to be morbid.

The real culprit of the crime,
is not anymore a person or a gang
be cautious when you are out
keep distance from the sneezing and cough.

Stay at home people…. Let’s all stay safe and be warned!

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Quench the thirst

Some days I wake up with the mindset that I just need to go through the normal daily routines.

Other days I get out of bed feeling energized. Like waking up with an extra dose of Adrenalin for moving on to new ventures, whatever is visible in the near horizon. Whatever is in concoction. The plans and hope of doing something worthy and something economical enough to keep me busy. Something that will also prepare me for the future.

And then there are days like today. I woke up and got out of bed somehow feeling lost and tired. The night did not give me enough rest. The yesterday did not give me enough reason to do something more today. And the present, just wants me to wallow again in the past.

What to do?

Someone once said:

“The hardest thing about life so that it is so daily…. Life has a way of shooting up holes in our cup, leaving us empty.”

Perhaps, this is exactly what I am feeling…EMPTY!

Though, I would also strongly disagree. Because I do not see any reason to feel this way. I cannot fathom why I would go through this feeling of emptiness.
I am not some lovesick teenager missing her crush.
I am not some young girl involved in an unrequited love.
And I think I am not yet going through midlife crisis. (???)
Nope.. I am none of these, and yet… I feel something missing.

Fact check:
I have a very understanding and loving husband who takes care of me.
I have a wonderful family who supports me.
I am Healthy.
I have a job that I can go back to once this pandemic is over.
I have a roof above my head.
I can afford to eat three complete meals in a day.

It’s not that I am not contented in life, because I am.
Perhaps, I can say, I am just thirsty.
Perhaps, I should just go follow the path that people go, when they are in search of the Fountain.

Yes, THE Fountain of Life!

It might just be necessary for me to get a refill of it, enough to last me for the next 50 years or so…

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A concave is not a convex

It seems like people are still stuck in a misconception,
I do still feel that at times.
Sometimes, I somehow get lost in translation…
… when reading between the lines.

Or maybe, I am just the type of person who sees black as black; red as red and yellow as yellow. I do believe that a concave is not a convex… nope, no at all!

A few months back, I got into a conversation with a very closely related person. We were discussing about what to do with a certain project that was initiated some years back, but was left hanging for more pushing matters.

So, we finally set the time to talk about it. It was actually a very relaxed conversation. We settled some points right there and then. And decided that some other not so very crucial matters can be done later on.

All is well… or at least I thought.

I was relieved.

Or I was deceived.

After that meeting, I lost contact with the person. Or the person refused to talk to me since then.

This is what I meant when I mentioned that I get lost in translation or I don’t know how to read between the lines.

What went wrong? Have no clue at all.

Oh well, I can’t seem to please everybody.

I have to appease myself in thinking that I know I have done nothing wrong. Or maybe…

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That thin thread between love and hatred

“If you miss something, you should go find it,
Fight for it! Grab it! Keep it!…
…that’s how we should live our lives!”

“What am I to you?
In a place far away from everything and everyone,
You are…. the one I always want to be with for a long, long time!”

When my concerns melt away,
Blowing softly with the breeze of wind…
I feel there’s nothing much to life
I just have to enjoy each moment, it makes me feel energized!
Like a drug, that’s what you are to me!

Sparks of lightning and stars falling can be caused by true love, that leads to heaven and eternity; or by deep hatred,
that causes separation, loneliness and frustrations.

You can chose which direction we should go.
Either one or the other– just not in limbo!

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Happy Easter everyone

The Easter bunny came,
Looking so sad and drained
When asked why he looked so Grimm,
He replied: because of covid-19

Not only that…
people don’t seem to understand,
instead of staying at home…
they go out to party and have fun.

Not taking into consideration the sickness,
The gravity of the virus that is causing discomfort,
trouble and pain to everyone.

Still, I hope the occasion will bring us Blessings
Not loosing Hope and Faith to our Almighty,
The son who died and was risen again…
to save all mankind util the end!

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Three decades of friendship and counting…

Three decades of friendship and counting…

Gaining double digits in weight … scared of even mentioning “that we are getting wrinkly and aging!”

Still, I am really happy for the chance to see you all again…(except Fatima, whom I met again a few years past.)
Promise to keep in touch and till we meet again!

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Great speech of Chancellor Merkel regarding Covid-19

Clip from Daniel Hausmann

Just have to share this really impressive speech of Frau Merkel and the aerial photos of Frankfurt am Main taken by Daniel Haussmann during the Covid-19 times! I have never seen Frankfurt area this quiet. The hub of the industrial part of Germany… seems like a ghost town.

Infections has risen to 99,225 cases.. and death count is already at 1,607… Isn’t thus

Let us each contribute in any way we can to help stop the death toll from rising. Help keep our loved ones, friends and colleagues healthy.

Stay at home everyone!

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Confessions against strong winds by the river

Looking at you with all the strange emotions i’m feeling. Listening to a very impossible explanation or excuse.

“Loving all out- no holding back. Just looking, wanting and waiting…are these even possible?
All because, I said I want to fly with you…”

Then you say:

“The emotions that you say are too much for you”…
The feelings that you have not felt a long time, suddenly rising again inside.
“I’m sorry… I need them desperately. I can’t do without them. I will greedily grab and hold on them for they are gifts from an unknown power.”

That strong and mysterious power of someone experiencing near death. That very same deep and true emotions emanated by the dying. It brings two completely different souls together. Like a gift to the loved ones who will be left behind.
I don’t know how to go against it. I don’t even want to let go of it.

Can there be such a relationship? Can it really still exist?

But you know, not saying it, not talking about it and just simply letting it be— makes it more lasting and memorable.
More sacred and pure!

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It’s the year of the Metal Rat

Typical of a Rat attitude, sneaking in into the new year, bringing with it the all the good and the not so good things it has gathered from the previous years.

According to the Chinese Lunar calendar, 2020 is the year of the metal Rat.

While the rat has a diligent and hard working attribute, it should be considered that the year 2020 will also bring in good fortunes as it known to be the year of the rat. Alas, it will also bring in what the rat has gathered in the previous year, which may also have some negative aspects.

Let’s wait and see.
For in the end, the signs are there, are everywhere… but opening up one’s very own eyes and mind to see is one’s own responsibility.

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A month filled with questions and uncertainty

How long has it been? … It does feel like forever.
Is it already the “Peak” or is it the “Peter’s Plateau”?

We’ll, it can be called following the “Peter’s Principle”…
…. but it may also be called following the “Dilbert’s Principle”…

I can only wait and wait and wait!!!

Or move on…. On to where???

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Excuse the flaming… this is the epistle of myself and I.

It’s been a long time that I have given up on trying to please others. I have decided never to waste my time and effort to those who do not appreciate me. I choose now to share my life only with those who deserve me, my time and my effort. My love I will gladly give you. My trust and loyalty is true only if you do deserve them. Otherwise, I let go!!!

If you don’t like me, for whatever reasons you may have conjured up in your tiny thank then that is fine. I will not enforce myself upon you also. Do not expect me to try and please you because I definitely will not do so. I will accept your opinion as it is. But I will not waste my precious time on you.

I will not explain and justify my actions to you who only give malice to others. I think we are already old enough not to play dumb and dumber s*** to each other. 

I have much better things to do than just kiss their sorry a***.

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