Indeed it is …


As sure as tomorrow comes,

As long as the waves roll back in the ocean.

As long as the the wind blows,

And the sun shines.

The rain drops stops,

The green leaves glow and the rainbow will show.

The world will continue to rotate –

And so remains my Faith…

My name is Ri, It’s Mr. Ri!

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A book or a dream.

It may be both , it does seem.
But then again, it must have been…just waking up to a dream!

Just a kiss indeed…

Lips warm, dry..

I thought it should be thought wet, but it was not.. it was nice!

I was lukewarm, but the kiss was hot and slowly burning up.

Suddenly, the connection was not dry anymore,

And the body movements I pondered on,

They proved to be a mysterious rhythm, not just norm.

In the end, it was nice.

Romantic, warm and pleasant — it was really nice!

Somehow bruising, but definitely nice!!!

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Blowing or Belching

Tapos na ang weekend. Ang araw ng Linggo ko ay natapos sa  pag pa plano kung ano ang kakainin namin at sa pagluluto nito.

Sa hindi ko naman maipaliwanag na pangyayari, mga bandang alas siyete ng gabi, biglang sunod-sunod ang pag dighay ko. Hindi ko naman ito mapigilan kasi masarap naman talaga ang pakiramdam pagkatapos dumighay. Di ba nga ang mga baby, pagkatapos dumede, agad pinapa dighay?  🙄  🙄 

(My Sunday was spent planning and cooking the meals. Suddenly, for some unknown reason, at around 7pm, I started releasing air from stomach but not from below (duhh!!) – OK, I have to say, just like a baby, I was happy belching out repeatedly– 🙄 :roll:)

Illegal belcher ang loley! Kung may MMDA dito, mati tiketan na sana ako.

“Ribbit! Pardon me.”

Sabi ni Baners: “Anyare sayo?” (Hubby asked what happened ?)

Sabi ko: “busog po”. (I replied: Tummy tum-tum is full)

Sabi niya manners daw. (Mind your manners, please.)

Ayy.. .manners! Oo nga pala!!! Okay lang suminga at mangolangot sa harap ng ibang tao huwag ka lang dumighay! …

… haaayyyy! ang buhay nga naman ng alalay! 

(You may drill your nose or blow it till your lungs bursts out in front of others.. just please DO NOT belch!)

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Remembering first of May

Listening to Bee Gees’ song, I remember how it was in the Bendijo-Zamora residence in the southern parts of the country I was born in.

My mom’s sibling were scattered to different state and universities in the country. They each followed their own calling. It didn’t matter much what field they studied, they all excelled in their areas of speciality anyways. All ten of them had their scholastic paths already mapped out for them. If it was an uncle or an aunt coming home from their university  or current city of residence just because they were summoned by my Grandmother to come home, it always brought a good atmosphere, a great and exciting feeling.

They come home one after the other, usually they start showing up at the ancestral house after lunch time. Food gets prepared. Before dinner, all the grandchildren also had the chance enjoy the company of the adults either with one or two of them playing the guitar and everybody sings. Or they tell us stories. They also discussed among themselves political views and opinions. In a large family with each member having a very strong affiliation to their own political parties, the discussions always took too long. It would go on and on until Mamang would summon everybody to the table for Supper.

After dinner, the kids had to either do their homework or prepare for bed. On weekends though, everybody is allowed to stay up later than usual. At that time there were no televisions, internet or even telecommunications devices. No landline and definitely mobile gadgets were non existent. NULL!!! NADA!!! We did have the guitar, a ukulele or the handmade tambourine and maracas.  So, the night almost always ended into a musical event.

After the kids have gone to bed, the Zamora siblings would then report to Mamang about their studies, work or simply update each other about what has been going on in each individual’s life and of course, their plans. Reports about how the farm is thriving and of its financial status where also made known during these meetings.

I don’t know how this song brings back memories. It was most probably because one of the uncles sang this song often enough that it got stuck in me as well as the other classic and country songs that I heard in my growing years.

Video credits:Emile Crama on youtube

Most often than not, the song puts me in a melancholic state, specially right now. It is indeed middle of summer. The month of May has long gone by. The month of September is just around the corner. Soon, the Christmas season will be here… and yet, nobody knows what the last quarter of the year will bring.

This pandemic is far from over.

Stay safe everyone!

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Short trip to the Alpenland

Together with some friends, hubby and I had a short vacation in Austria last week. We initially planned to visit my family in Belgium, but my sisters advised us otherwise, since my aunt caught the Flu and my sisters were not quite sure if it was safe for us to visit. So, the change of plans was all finalized at the last minute. 

It was not the first time for hubby and myself. Since Austria is accessible by car, train or plane, we have visited the country often. We used to visit the place two times a year, during each time for a week or so depending on the activities planned either trekking or for my husband, cycling. It’s like the third option for us if we had enough time to spare from work and everyday conundrums without travelling on a long haul.

Anyways, like usual, we drove from Germany to Austria. Normally the trip takes six and a half hours. It took us 2 hours longer though, because we went through several traffic jams due to road constructions. 

On the side note, we left Germany with a box of surgical masks and hand gloves thinking we would be needing them as we explore the neighboring country right after lock down has been lifted. It was, to our surprise, not necessary. In Austria, everything was back to normal. One could go anywhere shopping or gallivanting without wearing the masks. Although social distancing is still advised.

Suffice it to say, we reached Austria later than planned.  We checked in at the hotel and then decided to take a rest instead of start roaming through the small town on our first day as we have planned prior to the trip. It was also raining anyway, so it didn’t make it anymore enjoyable. 

On the second day, we went to Zell am See and ended the day with a tour of the small town. At the back of the hotel was a small mountain that one could climb either by walking or with the lift. The hotel where we stayed at is located at the valley. So, it was very convenient for us to a do a short walk up in the mornings and in the early evenings after dinner. We had planned to revisit Salzburg and the Großglockner . Unfortunately, on the day when we planned to go up the Grossglockner, it was raining hard and very foggy, that we decided to cancel trekking up to the high mountain. We did visit Salzburg as planned.  

It was not a very good trip for me personally though. On our first night, I had stomach ache and diarrhea. The following day, my stomach calmed down a little. I could still go out for half the day, but then, the diarrhea came back and stayed for the next three days. 

Suffice it to say, our friends did manage to enjoy the trip although with some concerns about my condition. But not after several assurances from me that I was ok aside from the loose bowel movement and stomach problems.

Stay healthy y’all!

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Muscular toning and weight loss

EMS training 20 minutes a week should help with muscle toning and weight loss.

Well, that’s what all the brochures and fitness instructors claim. It may also be true…

Question is: to use an EMS machines or go with the old school method of traditional workout?

What is EMS Training? EMS

EMS according to ems, stands for: (= electrical muscle stimulation or electromyostimulation) is a new trend sport that originally comes from physiotherapy. This high-intense whole-body workout uses low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate those muscles that are often ignored by conventional training methods.

With the EMS machine, one gets plugged to a machine while doing some stretching techniques. They claim that this method is used to train astronauts. It takes only 20 minutes a week to achieve the goal of muscle build up and toning. The longevity of the 20 minute training would probably depend on the financial capability of the person.

But what if after three months, no progress has been made? To stop the session would be like giving up after so little effort has been made. On the other hand, to continue the session, without seeing any progress even after some months would just be a waste of time and money.

I am still on it. Although, I did miss some weeks due to the corona pandemic which forced all the establishments to close down temporarily.

Needless to say, after 4 months, there has been no change in muscle build up. I also have not shed a single kilo from my weight.

But, I guess it, like all the other method, the effect does not happen overnight.

I have to continue with the system, no give justice to the saying: “no pain, no gain”.

It doesn’t really matter much, what method one uses… as long as one perseveres with the workout!

Let’s do it! Let’s stay fit!

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Trekking or Cycling

Cycling – I can do anytime outdoors or in our living room. 

Trekking – I prefer to go to a foreign place and explore it by foot while enjoying the food,the culture and the scenery of the area. Yes, more like a vacation destination or adventure. It does take more time, finances and effort.

But, at the moment, I am happy with cycling… 

So, off to pedal for now! 

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Moving on to the next cycle or am I at my last?

I hit my 23rd year anniversary in stepping on European soil this month. Wow, that’s more than a quarter of a lifetime for a human being!

I arrived Europe in June 7, 1997 via Malaysian Airlines flight from Manila International airport. Destination: Brussels, Belgium.
Up to that point, I never realized that I would be spending the next two decades in this continent – Europe. I never imagined that I would change my nationality, therefore, betraying my native land – my birth country.

Here is where I met all kinds of strange and beautiful humans… in private life, via online/internet and yes through work.

So, what pushed me to come here?

I was happily living in the Philippines with my family back then. Back then, we didn’t have much in life. Actually, it was more like a struggle growing up with my four siblings. But we were happy together. The trivial quarrels among us was just the normal process of growing up experiences. Then four became five. Kally, our youngest brother was born 3 days before I turned 18 leaving a huge gap of 16 years from the youngest of the girls.

Somehow, life became a struggle. My father, who used to work outside the country intermittently, decided to stay at home and tend for our youngest brother. My mom became a career woman and everyone else was busy with their High School or College life. My siblings just came home from their dorms or apartment rental during weekends. I was left alone at home with my parents and our youngest brother. I simply assumed that was my fate. That is how my life was dictated by destiny.

The million dollar question is: is Destiny predetermined? Or do we achieve it by the actions and decisions we make along the way?

What if it is true that a human being has 4 cycles of life? In each cycle my destiny is predetermined, then there must be four paintings hanging on a wall depicting the stories of my life. The paintings tells the story of my Fate. Every action and decision big or small, is already painted. I just need to live it. If I do decide to have a change of heart along the way, then this is also already pre-ordained. I cannot escape it. IT is the FATE that my lifeline is bound to follow. If I go against that line, then is it destiny playing its part? I think i am confusing myself. 

What is Destiny? What is Fate? Are they both connected to each other? Or are they two separate lines pulling against each other depending on the life cycle being lived at the moment? 

Next question is: Am I at my 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th life cycle? 

At the age of 16, I thought I should also get a job to be able to help my parents financially. It was not hard since, at such a very young age of 12 I was already doing summer jobs in one of the most popular Publishing company in the Philippines. Hence, getting into the bandwagon of working and studying at the same time was not hard to imagine for me.

Time flew and I was slowly earning well enough to contribute to the family’s monthly income. Back then, while we were all happy and healthy growing up together, we had to face the reality that the earnings were not enough to send all four kids through college almost at the same time plus having to tend for a baby.

While everyone struggled to finish studies and slowly graduated from college, the air at home was getting lighter. At this point, my other two sisters were also ready to help the family have a better standing, hence, the planning to go abroad started. First was the third child, then I left and afterwards, the youngest of the girls with her daughter . . .  one at a time we migrated to the land of french fries, chocolate s and lace embroidery…. that is Belgium!

Twenty-three years later and 15 kilos heavier, meet the new me… mind you, looking only 10 years older, hahaha. (I only wish it were so).

But yes, I am still in Europe. Not anymore in Belgium though. I finally settled my roots in Germany.

In the Northeast part of Frankfurt am Main is where I set up my roots together with hubby.

Perhaps, here is also where I will grow old and wrinkly. Till then, one day at a time… Living contented, happy and healthy!

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Sporadic attack of homesickness

During the quarantine days, I cleaned the apartment from every nook and cranny, wall to wall and every window.
My glass windows are like bigger than the standard size. So cleaning them alone takes me already one whole day. The south part of my living room wall is mostly made out of glass panes. That alone is a challenge for me. In the earlier times, I could clean the whole place in one day. Of course, that was 23 years ago…hahaha!

Anyways, when I am done with the cleaning and baking/cooking, a bit of online scrounging, e-learning and online streaming; sometimes, I still, at the end of the day feel homesick. It sometimes brings me down into a teeny bit of depression mode. When these tiny, molecular sizes of homesickness and depression comes down to me, hubby always notices it immediately. His never ending home remedy: “I should eat rice and bulad (dried fish)!” Rices makes me happy. Bulad even so. That is why, I always have reserves of bulad from the Philippines in my basement freezer. There are just some Filipino food that one cannot buy here in Germany. Or if it is indeed available, the price is like 400% more expensive. And it still does not taste as good. It must be geographical and environmental, climate induced and of course companion related.

In short, eating bulad and rice alone, does not make it as enjoyable as when one eats it in a warm place, with family and/or close friends. It also, most definitely does not taste the same if it’s not eaten with bare hands!

Recently, I got two packs of bulad and 4 pcs of red salted egg from a friend. I promised myself that I would enjoy it one day with fresh cooked plain rice. 

Until now though, i have not touched it. I couldn’t bear to eat it alone. I want to be able to enjoy eating it with friends but because of the coronavirus, everybody is ordered to stay at their own place. No visitation allowed. No short or long travels. No unnecessary excursions, etc. 

So, until when will this pandemic last?

How long must we still suffer, being away from our family, our loved ones just because we are hindered by this dilemma. 

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While I was sleeping

In my times of slumber,
Just when the world was busy to conquer
Corona virus brought so much pain and danger
Millions died and disappeared.

Weeks and months came by-a wonder!
Some countries complied and surrendered
Sacrifices had to be made
So as to prevent Corona to spread.

Drastic measures had to be implemented
Some readily complained while others submitted
Reasons are for no one … not alone for the wicked!
Else everyone will die and wither!

Then I woke up from my slumber,
With a new normal to ponder
People can only wander
With masks and gloves as gear
Human contact is not good
Sanitizer prices went up like gold
And mouth masks are nowhere to be found!

Months and Years would still go by,
Hoping the culprit would subside
Perhaps we will soon descry
The absolute cure to this invisible Feind!


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New Dawn

The deep darkness of the night slowly creeps into the light of the dawn.

Holding thine hand under the thick blanket of warmth and happiness.

Slowly sliding like a slippery eel crawling in the blue waters.

Slowly receding from the nets woven.

Entwined, engulfed in the scenes

I let go…

I let you go…

Until the emptiness fills…

The life, the life I once know!

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Keeping myself fit


I just checked my Samsung Health App…

Happy to declare that I am relatively fit.

Trotz covid-19 and stay at home order, I still managed to do an average of 10K steps a day. I also go for long walks with an average of 7km per day. And of course, the required minimum of 20 Mins of stretching. Basically, I can proudly say, I keep myself fit. Every now and then I do interval fasting – but honestly, I am not that diligent with it. I can’t seem to disregard food whenever I smell, see and dream of it. (ha,ha,ha)

My main worry is my belly pouch. Planking and sit ups are not helping! So, I decided to resort to patching.

My patches arrived today. I immediately stuck it on my tummy tum-tums! Belly button to be exact!

Timetable is 10 days. Since I have quiet a bit of a bulge, I’m setting my timetable to 30 days.

I’ll be sure to update any developments—hoping of course that the patches will work.

Bis dann!

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Add on to Corona “home to do” list

My abode needless to say is not as huge as in the picture.
I’m not complaining!
First off, I can’t imagine how to keep something as grand as the Stadtschloss
in Fulda. Second, I don’t have the talent to maintain a beautiful garden. Thirdly, can’t afford to have something as extravagant anyways! *lol*
In my dreams, perhaps… all in my dreams! *wink*, *wink*

As I have previously posted, ever since I have been locked at home because of the corona virus pandemic, I have been busy mostly in the kitchen. I have tried baking and cooking recipes that I have never done before. Of course, needless to say, hubby and I gained weight. So, now I have decided to expand my to do list. Well, I don’t plan to stop cooking and baking.

I’m thinking, on top of these two, I might also:
Paint the bedroom walls…
Beautify my tiny balcony…
Trim my indoor plants….

My balcony flower pots also does not look like this:

But perhaps, by the time this pandemic is over, I will be able to achieve half as much.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!


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When I was 3 decades younger, I used to love reading about fairy tales. I believed in the naivety of the stories conveyed. I thought that “happily ever after” really exists. I took it for granted that after suffering from trials comes success and a better life. I believed in the concept of the Prince saving the Princess from the evil stepsisters and cruel stepmothers. I believed in the handsome debonaire saving the damsel in distress. I simply believed that goodness in life still exists. That pureness of the hearts of people still lives through tough times.

Then I turned the page over… and reality sets in.

Goodnight folks!

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Pandesal experience

Have been passing my time locked up in the kitchen during the last weeks-well, what to do?

At the moment, can’t really do much. City is locked down, not allowed to visit and of worst–was not allowed to do my favorite past time and socialization activity…my work! Hahaha… No colleague of mine believes it when I say that I come to work so that I have a so called-social life.

Right, it is most probably unbelievable, but that is how my hubby calls my work.

I’m lucky that I am enjoying so much blessings, that’s why, I am always thankful to the Lord for a beautiful life.

Anyways, I digress….

So, I have tried new recipes including homemade pizza and…. PANDESAL!

Yes, I finally managed to try baking it myself.

Proof? hmmm…

The thought just came to me.

Have you ever had a person whom you deem special and you value too much, only to find out that, that very same person just takes you for a pushover??? I just realized, the group of friends that I have valued for so many years… that I deemed special to me, for so more than a decade, I accepted the so-called “friendship” that was offered me only to find out that it was all just a farce.

How to avoid these kind of people???

I’m thinking show passive response. It does not make sense at all trying to confront the person since, the think tank of that person is similar to that of a cockroach! (Sorry for flaming out like this)!

Well, needless to say, I don’t have to worry too much about that person. Someday, I hope i can really forgive that person… and eventually forget how I was wronged.

Unfortunately, scars hardly ever goes away.

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