I’m going to be a Ninang…

Again! I’m fine with that actually. I have no problems being a Ninang to kids. But this time, Ninang daw ako sa Kasal! Nyekk, does that mean matanda na talaga ako? Huwaaaaaaaaahhhh !!! 🙁 :worry: 🙁 :worry: 🙁

Had a message from my cousin a few weeks ago. Asking if I would be in the Philippines sometime around September. Said no, since I just got back from there January of this year. He wants me to be one of the Major sponsors to his wedding, he said. He asked me if I could come home for the event.

I had mixed emotions.

Malungkot – ibig sabihin matanda na talaga ako. Akala ko kasi Ninang sa anak ng cousin ko. Okay lang sana yun. Yun pala Ninang sa kasal niya, bhuhuhuhuh!

Natutuwa – ibig sabihin, i must have done something that makes my cousin think I am a good role model and someone he can turn to for advices. Ahemmmm!

Anyway, I said I would have to see what I can do about it. You see, I love to go back home to the Philippines as often as I can. But, due to the very high plane ticket prices, my pockets/wallet only allow me to go home every two years or so. Since I just got back mid January this year, this means my next scheduled homecoming should not be later than end of 2012.

I checked for tickets anyway. I searched and looked at the websites that i often visit and even those that I haven’t visited as well. The cheapest I could find is with Etihad Airlines for 480€ roundtrip inclusive of all taxes. Hmmm… a bit expensive, still. Maybe I should wait for last minute offers. I heard that it is also good to wait at the last minute to get good deals. Maybe I get lucky. The wedding is on September 4, 2010, this means I still have almost 4 weeks to look around. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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Ah, hindi Amerika dito sa Alemanya ha. Kundi yung totoong USA ni Uncle Sam.

Noong katapusan ng Mayo, lumipad kami ng kaibigan ko papunta Merika. Pumunta kami sa San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey at Atlantic City. Teka, may nakalimutan pa ba ako? Feeling ko kasi meron eh. But it will come back to me pag nasilip ko na ulit ang aming photos na ginawa namin sa bawat lugar na aming nabisita doon.

Nakarating nga kami sa Chicago ng kaibigan ko. Nakaka-tawa kasi, di namin akalain na talaga palang magkalapit lang ang housing galore ng sisterets ni prendo ko sa flat ni madir ko. Sinundo kami ni sister Bheng at kanyang janakis an boylet kasam din siyempre si hubby niya.

Paglabas namin sa airport, ang innniiiiiit!!! Susme, parang nasa Pinas kami. Tulak-tulak namin ang aming mga push carts habang hanap sa car rental stations. Kasi, nag reserve kasi kami ng sasakyan from Alemanya pa sa isang rental agency via the net.

After a few minutes of asking, going back and forth and finally talking to someone on the car rental service hotline doon sa airport, napag alaman namin na ang kotse pala ay dapat naming kunin sa Chicago Midway Airport. Eh, ang problema nasa Chicago O’Hare kami!

Sinagest agad ni hubby ng sisteret ni prendo na ipa transfer nalang ang car rental order na yon para sa San Francisco. Tutal may extra car naman silang ni reserve para sa amin din. Di na daw kailangan. Kaya ayun, nag decide kami na umuwi nalang muna at doon na lahat i organize sa bahay nila ang pagpapa transfer.

Pagdating namin sa bahay ng prends, naka ready na ang lafang. Afternoon na kasi at may plano pala silang mag grill party para sa aming pagdating. Ang daming fud. May problem, ang aking no carb diet regime for dinner. PATAY! Nasira ang diet ko sa unang pagdating palang sa Merika. Pero, okay lang… kasi bakasyon naman diba?!

Maya-maya lang ay pinag uusapan na ang aming IT while there in the Chicago area. May mga suggested places na silang pu-puntahan namin. So, off we went to the Botanical Garden, Old Orchard at Chicago City by night. Wisconsin area, Holy Hill at ang paboritong puntahan ng mga Pinoy tourists doon: Kenosha at Guerney outlet shopping areas.

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Yes, it’s here. When I got back from the great US of A., the weather was again a bit chilly as opposed to the time before I left. But come late June till early July, I felt it already when the temperature reached up to 38 degrees celcius. That was awesome. Hot but fun!!!

I am now in Belgium visiting. It’s not as hot as in the beginning of July. Still, I feel like its summer vacation for me too, since I am now with my sisters, nieces and nephew. Cool!

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LP: “Tawid” – To cross

The Litratong Pinoy weekly challenge for this week is “Tawid” or “To cross”.

London bridge is falling down…ahhh, actually NOT! I don’t really know because I went to London to visit the Queen … este, see the Golden Gate in San Francisco, California last June. Just so you know, (even if you are not interested, hehehe), this famous bridge is in “my list of places to visit before I die”. So when my friend invited me to go to the USA to visit her relatives, I couldn’t say no to her. Our IT included San Francisco, Chicago and New york/New Jersey. I already have another entry prepared for the whole duration of the trip. It#ll be up soon, pwamis!

For now, I can proudly say, I crossed the Golden Gate bridge on foot. It was not just a windy day but actually a chilly day. In any case that didn’t stop me from walking along the bridge. Of course the hordes of tourists attempting to cross the bridge motivated me also. My friend thought we would just walk a bit towards the middle part and take some pictures before going back to the car. But I insisted to go all the way to the other end. “Di ba nga, cross the bridge when you get there?!” Yan ang palagi kong naririnig sa ibang tao eh, hehehehe… Kaya ayun… naki tawid na rin ako.

It was really fun hanging on to the railings of the bridge. Imagine yourself trying to pose for a nice picture, while the wind is blowing your bondocs off, not to mention your hair flying in all directions! I managed anyway. Thanks to my friend and her nephew.

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… the saga continues.

Welcome to my new home in WordPress. Apparently it’s much easier to post entries with it. So you will see more frequently news from me.

My old posts can still be browsed if you follow the link to the archive.

And some old photos are here:

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